Back 4 Blood: via alla Open Beta con supporto per il DLSS di NVIDIA thumbnail

Back 4 Blood: Open Beta with NVIDIA DLSS support

Back 4 Blood: Open Beta with support for DLSS by NVIDIA thumbnail

Today theOpen Beta on Back4Blood with the introduction of the NVIDIA DLSS support. Thanks to this support, the title developed by Turtle Rock Studios and Warner Bros Games registers a significant improvement in performance. Using NVIDIA’s DLSS, in fact, Back 4 Blood manages to record a significant increase in frame rate.

The Open Beta of Back4Blood can rely on NVIDIA’s DLSS

Starting today, the Open Beta on Back4Blood. Access to the new shooter will be active until next 9 August and the beta will be back in public form from 12 to 16 August. The title will then be officially released next 12 October on all major platforms. For more details on the Back 4 Blood Open Beta and support for the feature NVIDIA DLSS are available on the NVIDIA official blog.

Here is the trailer for the game’s Open Beta:

Better performance for the Turtle Rock Studios title

Back 4 Blood, in the Open Beta version, can count on NVIDIA’s DLSS support which guarantees an improvement in performance. Specifically, the NVIDIA system allows you to increase the frequency of the FPS, making the game even smoother and more enjoyable. Note that Back 4 Blood is one of nearly 60 games that currently support NVIDIA DLSS. The list is set to grow significantly over the next few months.

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