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Sonic Colors Ultimate: the new trailer presents the Wisp

SEGA has released the second spotlight trailer for Sonic Colors: Ultimate, the improved version of the adrenaline and iconic platformer of 2010, Sonic Colors. In this latest video, Sonic fans will meet i colorati Wisps that allow Sonic to reach new heights as he travels through Dr. Eggman’s incredible interstellar amusement park.

Sonic Colors Ultimate: the new trailer dedicated to Wisp

The improved version of one of the most loved Sonic games of all time is finally coming to the consoles of all fans and for the occasion SEGA allowed us to get to know the Wisp, the cute bright little creatures that will allow you to perform special actions.

Here is the list of all types of the various Wisp and their powers:

  • Wisp bianco – Fill the boost and accelerate to super speed, destroy the obstacles and enemies in your path.
  • Wisp ciano – Transform Sonic into a powerful cyan laser, move through the level at the speed of light and electrocute enemies in your path.
  • Wisp giada – Transform Sonic into a jade ghost, fly around and cross solid objects to reach hidden areas.
  • Wisp rosa – Transform Sonic into a pink spike that can climb walls and ceilings and attack enemies.
  • Wisp verde – Transform Sonic into a green flying form to reach higher areas and overcome treacherous obstacles.
  • Orange wisp – Transform Sonic into an orange rocket, leap into the air and reach unprecedented heights.
  • Wisp blu – Swap blue rings and blue blocks to open new routes, transform Sonic into a blue cube to trample enemies.
  • Yellow wisp – Turn Sonic into a yellow drill and dig into the ground or launch a torpedo into the water.
  • Wisp viola – Turn Sonic into a hungry, frenzied purple being and eat whatever comes your way.

Sonic Colors: Ultimate will launch in both digital and physical formats on PlayStation 4, Xbox One e Nintendo Switch the September 7.

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