Back 4 Blood: released a new trailer introducing the Exterminators

Warner Bros. Games and Turtle Rock Studios have released a new trailer for Back 4 Blood that introduces the Exterminators present in the game

Back 4 Blood he showed himself to the public with a new trailer che introduce i characters usable by players. The title of Turtle Rock Studios presents itself as the spiritual heir of Left 4 Dead, the mythical cooperative shooter zombie setting developed by Valve and released on PC ed Xbox 360 way back in 2008.

The heroes of Back 4 Blood show themselves in the explosive new trailer

In the new Back 4 Blood trailer we will get to know the Exterminators, the characters we will use during the game. The Exterminators are named after their main specialty: the extermination of the Haunted, the horrifying zombies that threaten the world of Back 4 Blood. In the game they will be available 8 different characters, each with specific abilities and a well-defined personality. Specifically, the names of the new heroes are Holly, Walker, Doc, Karlee, Jim, Hoffman, Evangelo e Ma ‘.

In the trailer we have the opportunity to find out too different types of Infested, or the opponents of the title. As in the original Left 4 Dead, in fact, the zombies will be divided into various types capable of putting the party’s cooperation to the test. The Orcs, for example, they are huge zombies capable of throwing piles of rotting flesh at the player; the Molesinstead, they can instantly alert the entire zombie horde and call opponents to their rescue; the Destroyerfinally, it is an armored zombie capable of eliminating the player almost instantly.

Back 4 Blood will arrive on Xbox Series X | S, PS4, PS5 and PC on October 12, 2021. If you are interested in buying the game, or perhaps buying other similar titles at a discounted price, you might want to check out Instant-Gaming. You will try the new title of Turtle Rock Studios? Let us know in the comments and stay on the pages to keep up to date on the world of technology and video games.

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