Back 4 Blood: tips and strategies on how to best use Walker

Undoubtedly one of the toughest Exterminators featured in Back 4 Blood is Elijah Walker, but figuring out how to best use this former war veteran’s skills might not be that simple when you’re in the middle of the fray.

The group of playable characters featured in Back 4 Blood is currently made up of eight Exterminators (surviving humans) and four Infested (aka zombies). Each of them is characterized in a unique way, using weapons and a fighting style different from their companions. If you have decided to throw yourself into the fray of Back 4 Blood with Elijah Walker, in this guide you will find the necessary fundamentals to understand how to best use this character’s abilities.

Fighting to survive

Among the four Human Exterminators that you will find available immediately at the first start of the game (the other four will be unlocked as the plot continues), one of them will be the former war veteran Elijah Walker. A former firearms soldier, Walker has a strong personality and will often characterize himself as the leader of the group. This is not a particularly difficult character to use, however in addition to representing a classic frontline unit, Walker hides a tactical soul that is important to know how to best use to ensure victory in Back 4 Blood.

Back 4 Blood: tips and strategies on how to best use Walker

Walker’s Role – How to best use Walker to survive in Back 4 Blood

The latter is substantially classifiable under the class standard soldier and it does a great job of keeping the Haunted hordes at bay, but it also does a great job of covering the backs of its comrades. In essence, this is an excellent choice if you are a player with a direct style of play and devoted to pure action on the front line (without, however, disdaining a certain degree of tactics). Ultimately, it does not matter if you are new to Back 4 Blood or have dozens of matches behind you, if you know how to use and make the most of its features, Walker can be a lethal teammate to have on your team at all costs.

Back 4 Blood: tips and strategies on how to best use Walker

Walker’s Skills – How to best use Walker to survive in Back 4 Blood

Walker is a soldier who specializes in firefights, and as such he is endowed with some passive skills that allow him to successfully thin the enemy ranks, without however neglecting some support to the team.

  • Precision kills grant a 20% bonus to Walker’s accuracy for 5 seconds
  • Walker deals 10% extra damage
  • Squad Effect: +10 squad health

Back 4 Blood: tips and strategies on how to best use Walker

Best Weapons – How to best use Walker to survive in Back 4 Blood

Among the characters of Back 4 Blood, Walker is perhaps one of those who most demonstrate that they know very well how to use a weapon, and it is almost obvious at this point that the best equipment for the latter consists mainly of long-range weapons. Among these, assault rifles such as the M16, the M4 Carbine and the Ranch Rifle allow you to make the most of Walker’s offensive skills, and at the same time save precious ammunition (if you are sufficiently skilled in directing fire towards the points weak enemies).

An alternative to the latter, if you are equipped with excellent aim, is certainly the sniper rifle, which, in the hands of capable players, can turn into an instrument of death capable of making a difference in desperate situations. If you don’t believe it, try joining a game with a Barret M95. You will not be disappointed.

Back 4 Blood: tips and strategies on how to best use Walker

Best cards to equip – How to best use Walker to survive in Back 4 Blood

As already mentioned, if your style of play prefers a direct confrontation with the enemy, Walker will surely be for you. The offensive skills of our soldier can greatly affect the fate of a match, but it is up to you to decide whether to opt for a more tactical gameplay or throw yourself head down into the action, maximizing the damage inflicted by the character. In both cases, below we list the best cards to equip to make the most of this character.

  • Reflex Cards: Rash Strategy – Hyper Concentration – Shooting Gloves – Tunnel Vision – Fast Step – Shredder – Sadism – Turbo Gearbox – Giberna
  • Discipline Cards: Ammo Bag – Front Sight – Military Training – Large Caliber Cartridges – Crouched – Maximum Concentration – Trigger Control – Controlled Movement – Ammo For Everyone – Down! – Patient Hunter – Powerful Reload – Tactical Vest
  • Force Cards: Convinced Killer – In Line – Sniper – Plan B – Liquid Courage – Broadside
  • Luck Cards: Administrative Top-up

Back 4 Blood: tips and strategies on how to best use Walker

Aim and shoot

This concludes our guide on how to best use the character of Elijah Walker in Back 4 Blood. As you may have guessed, this is a character suitable for both novice and more experienced players. There is no doubt, however, that if you are a veteran of shooters, have a particular attention to gunplay and you like to dedicate yourself to sowing death on the battlefield, Walker will certainly be one of your first choices. If, on the other hand, you prefer to make a clean sweep of enemies using mainly melee weapons, find here our guide to make the most of the lively, but equally lethal, Holly. If you are looking for more guides on Back 4 Blood you can find them on our site, while at this link you can read our impressions about the game.

What do you think? Have you already had the opportunity to throw yourself on the battlefield of Back 4 Blood or are you planning to do so soon? Do you prefer the role of the Exterminators or have you let yourself be infected by the wild fury of the Haunted? Let us know in the comments and stay tuned to for all the news about it. To buy video games at a discounted price, we recommend that you take a look at the Instant Gaming catalog.