Best Gaming Headphones to Buy | October 2021

Every self-respecting gamer has a pair of gaming headphones, which is why today we want to show you the best gaming headphones to buy

One of the most important accessories of a real gamer are headphones. Wired or wireless, let’s discover together the best gaming headphones on the market! The choice of best gaming headphones it’s not an easy matter at all, so let’s go into this jungle together.

Best gaming headphones? We’ll think about it!

The first thing to take into account is the price. Too many times you are faced with prices that are too high or excessive for the product, just as many times you can buy gaming headsets that cost very little but are worth even less. Another fundamental aspect is the comfort headphones. The materials play a fundamental role in the annoyance that headphones can (or not) cause, especially in longer gaming sessions. Last, but not least, the audio performance. Respectful headphones have to do well what they’re designed for, so they must (obviously) feel good.

The market is full of offers for every price range. So, below we list the best gaming headsets to buy this month. The temperatures change, but the real player is ready to hole up in the house! Better to buy a nice pair of comfortable and functional gaming headphones.

From the lowest step

KingTop EACH G2000 – Best Gaming Headset To Buy

This is the first pair in our selection of the best gaming headsets. It looks like a product from low price, but with a good quality ratio. The materials aren’t exactly the best, but the sound remains faithful. The cable is protected and the volume control is also convenient for deactivating the microphone. The gaming headphones in question transmit via 3.5 mm jack, the USB socket will only be useful for powering the LEDs.

Sades SA810 – Best Gaming Headphones To Buy

The Sades gaming headphones in question are slightly better than those just seen above, even if the materials remain adequate for the price. The particular color could be an added value, but you might be disappointed with the comfort of the headphones if you use glasses, due to the somewhat rigid earpads. The sound remains not too bright but the accessories are all in all interesting. Again 3.5 mm jack.

Turtle Beach Recon 50P – Best Gaming Headset To Buy

This model Turtle Beach it is one of the cheapest, but not of poor quality. The larger pavilions offer greater comfort and their upholstery in Leatherette is quite comfortable even on the hottest days. The materials used are good and adequate for the cost of the headphones. Audio quality is decent as is the microphone.

Razer Kraken Pro – Best Gaming Headphones To Buy

The Razer Kraken Pro offer an excellent compromise between quality and price. These headphones are the same as the basic version of the Kraken line, but with the addition of the microphone. The low cost e the excellent choice of materials they are an excellent combination for those who want to spend little and enjoy a good audio sector. The design and fluorescent colors are also pleasing and in keeping with the Razer family.

We raise the decibels (and the quality)

HyperX HX-HSCS-BK – Best Gaming Headset To Buy

The first pair of the best gaming headsets in this range is a product HyperX. This headset boasts a comfort and lightness that are difficult to propose at this price. Despite the low cost, the audio is good and the pavilions have the ability to rotate 90 degrees. This peculiarity makes them comfortable to wear and carry. The microphone is not bad, and can be turned off by moving it to a vertical position.

Logitech G432 – Best Gaming Headphones To Buy

The materials of these Logitech gaming headsets are very respectable. The sports fabric (removable for washing) ensures that you do not sweat even after many hours of play. Furthermore, these gaming headsets boast a system surround 7.1 digitale although they can be used with their 3.5mm jack. If you pair with the USB sound card (supplied in the box) offer all their potential with a convincing 7.1, compared to the price of the headphones.

Razer Electra V2 – Best Gaming Headphones To Buy

the Razer Electra V2 they are really good. Compatible with both PC than with PlayStation 4, offer a 7.1 virtual 3.5 mm way jack that will surely give you satisfaction in your videogame sessions. Their elegant design stands out and the materials they are made of are really well made.

Asus Strix 2.0 – Best Gaming Headphones To Buy

the Asus Strix 2.0 they are really excellent from many points of view. The materials that compose them are of excellent quality and the audio performance is really not bad. The noteworthy microphone is removable. Finally, the 90-degree rotatable earpads will allow you to take your headphones anywhere in total safety.

Corsair Gaming CA-9011130 – Best Gaming Headset to Buy

When the going gets tough, Corsair takes the field. These wonderful headphones offer a surround 7.1 reale tramite USB. The materials are really excellent as well as the finishes. The pavilions, with their micro-fiber, their memory foam system and their out of phase shape offer unparalleled comfort. Thanks to 7.1, 7.1 audio will really make you feel part of the action at an overall fair price. A great buy for those looking for a great pair of gaming headphones.

Let’s go up a little more

Razer Kraken 7.1 Chroma – Best Gaming Headset To Buy

Let’s start this category of the best gaming headphones with a brand that has been appreciated even before. Razer offers us its Kraken 7.1 Chroma. Virtual 7.1 Sorruond system which, thanks to the software created by Razer, reaches a more than optimal level. Retractable microphone with digital audio and a combination of 16.8 million RGB colors of combinations possible.

Logitech G433 7.1 – Best Gaming Headphones To Buy

the Logitech G433 are headphones designed primarily for competitive gaming. Equipped with Audio Pro-G, they have drivers made of hybrid materials that ensure precise and clear audio, just as the game designers would have liked. In addition to the technical fabric padding, these headphones are compatible with Nintendo Switch, PS4 and Xbox One consoles. A great buy for anyone who wants win without leaving anything to chance.

Logitech G533 – Best Gaming Headphones To Buy

While we’re not too keen to recommend wireless hardware, it’s clear there are those who prefer wireless headphones. The Logitech G533, offer an excellent compromise between wireless, price and quality. Technology surround 7.1, in addition, it accurately reproduces the game environment. Battery life is approximately 15 hours, the microphone also features noise canceling. If you are looking for good wireless gaming headphones these could be for you.

Turtle Beach Elite 800P – Best Gaming Headset To Buy

If you want wireless gaming headphones designed for the gaming su PlayStation 4, these could be for you. The Turtle Beach Elite 800P show crisp sound, plus chat with 100% compatible connectivity PS4 Pro, PS4 e PS3. Without further ado, we are perhaps in front of the best gaming headphones designed for the Sony console!

Over the top

Razer Kraken Forged Edition – Best Gaming Headphones To Buy

Headphones Kraken Forged Edition sono really beautiful. This headset is created with the highest quality materials and each individual headset is individually finished (main reason for their cost). Equipped with steel and leather finishes, they are really light and offer a defined and deep sound, also thanks to the Razer software and the system 7.1 (virtual). Really a pearl.

Asus ROG Centurion 7.1 – Best Gaming Headphones To Buy

the Asus ROG Century 7.1, offer two sets of interchangeable earphones that can be adapted to each player, and a USB audio station equipped with audio controls. High quality 7.1 surround with 10 dedicated drivers capable of delivering sensational and realistic surround sound. Finally, the headphones are equipped with a microphone with background noise cancellation.

Best gaming headphones to buy, see you next month!

Well friends, this was our guide to the best gaming headphones! This guide ends here, but to complete your equipment as a true gamer I also recommend reading our guide to the best gaming mice and the best PC speakers. As always, we invite you to stay updated on for further guides, news and much more. Bye!