Back to School: 7 features to choose a laptop

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School is about to start again and Dynabook offers some advice for the Back to Schoolin particular which are the 7 features to consider when choosing a laptop. So you choose the perfect device to study and be productive on the go.

Back to School Dynabook: the 7 characteristics to choose a laptop

According to Dynabook, when buying a laptop you must definitely take into account the solidity of the device. Especially if it will end up in school: choose a product that is resistant to shocks, but also to liquids. Rubber bumpers, reinforced frame and durable keyboard are your allies.

But this doesn’t have to come at the expense of portability: Backpacks already weigh too much with books, a laptop doesn’t have to add too much weight. And keep in mind too the importance of autonomy, because very often the students will be far from the power outlets. It takes at least 6 hours to cover the school day.

Students also need to think about the connectivity: WiFi and Bluetooth are essential, but don’t skimp on USB, LAN and HDMI for a complete notebook.

Also very important to have the cancellazione noise for video calls, which becomes essential in the case of distance learning and group projects. But it is also important to invest in quality componentswhich lengthen the life of the device (for example, aim for the SSD instead of the HDD).

Finally, it is important to choose the right ones accessories: from the right backpack to carry the notebook to the ergonomic mice.

Massimo Arioli, Business Unit Director Italy di Dynabook Europe GmbH explains: “Investing in a device that doesn’t have the right features is a frustrating and costly mistake for students and parents. Choosing the ideal device can really make a difference in the learning experience, giving students a tool they can rely on. Dynabook offers a range of devices, from the 11 “Satellite Pro E10S to the 14” and 15 “Satellite Pro C40 and Satellite Pro C50, designed specifically to meet educational needs, each model will be a valuable companion for students at the beginning of the year. New Year”.

More information on the Dynabook website.

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