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Bad news for Facebook: fine of 3.8 million euros

Facebook was sentenced by the Milan Court of Appeal to pay a good 3.8 million euros to a Milanese company. Here are all the details

Bad news for the US millionaire Mark Zuckerberg. His Facebook has ended up in the eye of the storm for the umpteenth time, but in this story, the protagonist is an Italian company, the Milanese software house Business Competence, apparently a victim of plagiarism.

Bad news for Facebook: fine of 3.8 million euros

ANSA reports Court of Appeal of Milan sentenced Facebook to compensate the company with 3.8 million euros Business Competence, software house milanese.

According to the judges, BC was the victim of plagiarism for the App Faround, a service that, through geolocation, allowed users to identify local businesses, such as shops, restaurants and more.

Believes that the methods by which the CTU (court-appointed technical consultancy, ed.) Calculated the overall economic damage suffered by Business Competence, due to the illegal conduct of Facebook, to an extent equal to 3,831,000 euros

The words of Domenico Bonaretti, President of the Specialized Section in matter of the company (Section specialized Industrial and Intellectual Property).

The sentence had already been in progress for some time, postponed several times, and with a big difference compared to the first compensation set, which amounted to “only” 350 thousand euros. In fact, we have to go back to 2012 for the origins of the story. At that time, the first step was taken by the Milanese company Business Competence, which proposed to Facebook to integrate the Faround App into their systems, asking to evaluate its annexes potential and functionality. It was not even 5 months after that meeting, that Nearby saw the light. An App extremely similar to the initial BC project

The suspected timing with which Nearby was presented to the world, and the basic structure of the same, the two main elements that did not make the judges of the Court of Milan blink.

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