Instagram Stories: Build your winning marketing strategy

Instagram Stories: Build your winning marketing strategy

Would you like to develop a winning marketing strategy through Instagram Stories? If the answer is yes, then I recommend that you read this mini-guide

Before explaining the correct marketing strategies to obtain a winning image, it is necessary to know that this social network gives the possibility to publish different contents, such as images and videos, and in different ways, such as the opportunity to create the many acclaimed “Stories”, effective techniques to attract the attention of the target audience.

Instagram Stories: Build your winning marketing strategy

Instagram stories are a useful and fun tool for all people who want to share a moment, an instant of their day, without necessarily having to keep the post on their profile. In fact, one of the main characteristics of the Stories is that they last “only” 24 hours and, for this very reason, they have an impact on the emotions of each individual and are able to create engagement.

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At this point you are wondering if you can develop a business through the Stories tool and how to organize it. Well, in the next few lines we will define the main techniques used by many people and companies to obtain greater visibility.

How to get visibility through the Stories?

If you want to win the attention of your audience, all you have to do is follow certain guidelines that we are going to explain right now and, very important to do when starting out, experiment.

The first useful information you need to know is that you need to have a specific goal: what do I want to achieve? Where do I want to go? Goals are the foundation of any marketing strategy and, if they are not very clear, they risk leading the user to be dissatisfied and therefore to failure.

The second indication is that the Stories are called this for a reason: they are stories, personal stories that must be consistent with the nature of the corporate brand or personal brand. In fact, telling yourself with a funny and ironic Tone of Voice and, subsequently, modifying it in a radical way, is not the best choice you can make.

We find a third suggestion in the word “quality”. Whether it’s images or videos posted in the Stories, the final result must be excellent in terms of quality. In fact, the contents that are published must have an original, unique cut, capable of making the difference compared to any competitors.

Finally, the last piece of advice that could make the difference in a successful marketing strategy is to carefully choose your target audience. I’ll explain. As is well known, Instagram is mostly used by individuals who are between the ages of 18 and 28. However, they do not constitute the totality of users, so it is always advisable to carry out analyzes on the audience we wish to approach.

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