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Baidu presents Ernie Bot, its chatbot rivals the ChatGPT

The Chinese search engine giant Baidu presented his personal chatbot, ERNIEdesigned to become the rival of the much more famous ChatGPT.

Who is ERNIE, Baidu’s chatbot and ChatGPT competitor

If OpenAI saw fit to launch ChatGPT not long ago, Baidu decided to respond by announcing, during a press event, the latest version of its bot, ERNIE (Enhanced Representation through Knowledge Integration).

Presenting this new look of ERNIE was the CEO di Baidu, Robin Lidescribing it as a system with capabilities very similar to GPT-4the latest language model interaction released by OpenAI a few days ago.

However there are some limitations to be mentioned: ERNIE, despite having apparently 550 billion pieces of information recordedIt is currently set for the Chinese market.

Indeed, during the presentation of this ERNIE upgrade, the chatbot was able to summarize a Chinese science fiction novel and suggest how the work could be continued if the author decides to expand it.

Furthermore, ERNIE was able to name all the actors who took part in the film adaptation, then compare height and other personal characteristics. In addition to this the chatbot also suggested gods names for a high-tech service companywrote the related slogan and generated a newsletter with the word count included.

During the conference, Robin Li confirmed that 650 companies have currently already signed a contract to be able to use ERNIE, however the bot he’s not quite ready to make his public debut. It follows that the presentation was only a way to allow viewers to already get acquainted with what is prefigured to be one of ChatGPT’s major competitors.

Access, therefore, is limited only to those who have received the invitation from Baidu, but the companies that take advantage of the Baidu’s cloud platformcan apply for the ability to incorporate ERNIE into their systems.

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