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Women and technology: a winning combination in Acer Italia

Women and technology become a winning combination in Acer Italia. Today, more and more, the relationship between women and technology has become of fundamental importance and led to a natural evolution

Acer, fully sharing the values ​​of inclusion and women empowerment, believes in enhancing female talent in technology, innovation and scientific research. Constantly activating to promote projects and actions aimed at fighting gender stereotypes and discrimination! To contribute to the orientation of the younger generations towards the professions of the future and towards sustainable business models.

Women and technology in Acer Italy

For years the company has been carrying out projects at a local level but also of international importance. With these projects, the company promotes the involvement of women by promoting gender equality. Both by normalizing the presence of women in disciplines that have historically been the prerogative of men, and by instilling messages of woman empowerment from a young age. Moment in which the girls begin to shape their personal and professional future dreams.

Acer and GirlsTech: training courses in collaboration with Mediaworld

To raise awareness on this issue and make the values ​​of equal opportunities concrete, during 2022 Acer carried out an important communication campaign with Google on the Chromebook category. This had the objective of encouraging training and professional paths in the STEM field (science, technology, engineering and mathematics) from a young age. This trend has also been pursued with the recent collaboration with GirlsTech and MediaWorld. Launched on the occasion of the “International Day of Women and Girls in Science” (February 11, 2023). Day in which free training courses were held on the topics of coding, gaming, digital content creation and web design.

Women and technology: a winning combination in Acer Italia

Donne e gaming

The combination of women and technology has an increasingly significant weight also in the world of gaming and eSports. Acer with its dedicated brand, Predator, has always supported the entire community of gamers, without precise gender labels. This support has translated into the sponsorship of tournaments and partnerships in line with its mission, also conveyed through female influencers and ambassadors. Who have been accompanying and collaborating with Predator for years now, strengthening the sense of community and transmitting the corporate values ​​of inclusion and support for women’s quotas. The goal of building and maintaining an equitable environment, equal and safe. Emphasizing girls and women in the gaming ecosystem continues to be central through Acer’s advocacy and representation within the Women in Games Association. This is a non-profit organization that works to ensure gender equity in the video game industry.

Acer Italia and the important female presence at national and international level

Even internally, Acer encourages and supports the presence of women in offices.

I am proud to count on the precious support and added value of the female employees who work in Acer’s Italian offices: in the commercial offices in Arese alone, we have around 50% female figures,

says Diego CavallariCountry Manager di Acer Italy.

A figure that is even more significant if we also consider the significant percentage of women who hold managerial positions in the company.

A feedback that we find in a capillary way in the entire global organization, which was recently awarded the Forbes “Top Female Friendly Company 2022” award.

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