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Baidu will launch its own ChatGPT

ChatGPT has revolutionized the world of artificial intelligence and the Chinese he does not miss the umpteenth opportunity to show that he is no less. The Chinese Internet company Baidu plans to launch its own version of ChatGPT. Here are the details of what it is.

Baidu will launch its own ChatGPT, artificial intelligence

The Baidu company is expected to unveil its own artificial intelligencesimilar to ChatGPT, in the month of March. Furthermore, this service will be directly incorporated into the main research services di Baidu.

Chinese tech companies are already working on similar AI tools. But the fact that giant Baidu is now involved means that the industry has a potential such as to distort the same and therefore succeed in transforming more industries.

According to Bloomberg, Baidu has already invested a large amount of money in developing the system Ernie, an AI tool he’s been working on for a long time. ChatGPT will be built on the basis of this system.

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ChatGPT, what is it

Developed by OpenAI in California, ChatGPT has taken chatbot technology to a much higher and completely different level than we have seen so far.

ChatGPT was launched a few months ago and is an AI with the ability to respond in text form in a natural and creative way to anyone who asks him a question or statement.

OpenAI’s artificial intelligence can even create computer code and act as a lawyer and teacher. However, it can never truly replace such professions.

Since ChatGPT represents a significant source of income, Microsoft did not miss the opportunity to invest in OpenAI, which seems to be around 10 billion dollars. It is no less the parent company of Google, Alphabetwhich has decided to invest in OpenAI with the fear that Microsoft will further implement its Bing search engine.

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