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Baldur’s Gate 3 opens the doors to Barbarians with the new update

The fifth edition of Panel From Hell reveals all the news of Baldur’s Gate 3 Patch 7: Absolute Frenzy. Here’s everything you need to know

What you need to know about Baldur’s Gate 3 Patch 7: Absolute Frenzy

Get Ready for Invasion: The new update of Baldur’s Gate 3revealed during the fifth edition of the Panel From Hell live event, introduces the class of Barbarians. We are obviously talking about patch 7, called Absolute Frenzy, available from today for all videogame fans. Among other innovations we also find some minor bug fixes and new throwing weapons. Below is the trailer for the new update.

The introduction of the fog takes the approach of the players to a new level, in that the stealth mechanics are even more important during gameplay. We also suggest that you make the most of the new and improved night vision and take advantage of the new light / dark detection. As for the main introduction instead – the new class of Barbarians – this will be divided into two subclasses:

  • Barbari Wildheart: equipped with various skills in battle as well as a very eye-catching facial piercing.
  • Barbari Berseker: Frenzied and furious, they can take advantage of two devastating abilities. The former adds extra damage to enemies, while the latter allows them to have a bonus attack.

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All the news of patch 7

In addition to the Furious Barbarians, the update introduces the following new features to the game:

  • Throwing weapons
    : Daggers, javelins, axes and spears allow you to attack enemies from a distance, making combat more dynamic.
  • New user interface: Total overhaul of Baldur’s Gate 3 HUD which is now streamlined and intuitive.
  • Improved exploration experience: the update takes exploration to new levels, be careful because there could be a surprise at every corner.
  • Lights and shadows: the light detection has been improved, which means that a stealth approach will be optimized using gray areas.
  • Night vision: players will enjoy a better night vision, which however will prove counterproductive in very bright environments.
  • Magic loot: The developers have hidden magical treasures all over the game world. What do they contain? They range from helmets to gloves, all accessories that will improve your character’s stats.
  • New kinematics: improvement of nearly 700 movies, with animations that will be smoother and more engaging.
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