Problems for the Health Record: impossible to log in with PosteID?

Problemi per il Fascicolo Sanitario: impossibile accedere con PosteID? thumbnail

It’s been a couple of hours impossible to access with PosteID the Health Record of the Lombardy Region. But not only. In fact, the portal seems to load very slowly, with access being difficult even using other login systems. What is happening?

Unable to access the Health Record

For the past two hours, we’ve been trying to log into the Health Record of the Lombardy Region using PosteIDi.e. the SPID provided by Poste Italiane. None of our attempts were successful, with the system that reported a problem related to the SPID.

Fearing it was just a problem with our network, we tried to access the portal from other devices and with other connections, however, encountering significant slowdowns even before logging in.
At the moment PosteID seems to be the only access system that does not guarantee entry into the portal while all the other systems allow access to the portal albeit with decidedly longer waiting times than usual.

Some users who have tried to access the Health Record of the Lombardy Region without success also confirm the problem.

Did the same thing happen to you? Let us know in the comments.