Baldur’s Gate 3: Update coming this week

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The talented GOTY candidate gives himself an update: here’s what awaits us in the “kiss” patch number 5 of Baldur’s Gate 3

As you can see in the tweet we reported below, Running Studios confirmed that next update for his champion at the Game Awards, Baldur’s Gate 3will arrive throughout the week. The patch will resolve slowdowns caused by “constant theft and acts of violence,” plus what the development team calls Astarion’s “kisses.” The development team told the foreign trade press that they had included a patch for a location in the second act, in which stealing doesn’t cause guards to appear instantly (whether you use stealth or even invisibility). The butterfly effect allowed unnoticed steals to, effectively, slow down the entire game.

Nonviolent update fixes Baldur’s Gate 3 issues in a moment

“These thefts, combined with acts of violence, have ended up taking a huge toll on the game. The more the players do, the more the game tries to keep them in mind, allowing slowdowns to overlap. Basically, the dungeon master is prohibited from operating. In the third act this translates into slowdowns, which we fixed in the fifth patch,” they tell the guys from Larian Studios. The update is expected this week, but without a precise release date yet. The game is available on PC and PS5, with an Xbox version coming next month. We will know more in the many announcements (not “World premiere”, announcements) of Game Awards il December 7.

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