Banana plugs: what they are, how they work and applications in the field

Banana plugs: what are they, how do they work, what benefits do they bring and where to buy quality products? Here are all the answers

To obtain a state of the art result, it is necessary to focus on quality systems but also on right accessories that allow you to connect the individual parts. The devices currently on the market and the plugs that allow you to create a quality system are really many, so there could be the risk of getting lost and selecting something that does not fit your needs, is difficult to install or not compatible with the components. choice. This is the reason why it is appropriate to choose specialized shops online that allow you to learn about the best technological accessories, such as banana connectors.

Banana plugs: what they are, how they work and applications in the field

Banana plugs: what are they

To carry the sound from various devices to the speakers, you need to use pins: the most common are certainly the defined ones banana due to their shape which, remotely, resembles this elongated and curved yellow tropical fruit.

Their strength lies in the fease of connection which can take place without the use of no tools simply by inserting the male outlet, which has a prominent part, on the female one, equipped with a specific housing. In any case, the socket is firm as these connectors have a small camber with a spring which, by pushing outwards, prevents the joint from being resolved without intention. Furthermore, the coating prevents the stripped cables, which are usually used on these occasions, from oxidizing and this is a not negligible advantage.
Banana connectors or any other technological or specific accessory can be purchased in specialized shops also online, such as, for example, Rs Components Italia, a reference point in the sale of electrical and electronic products and accessories of the best brands. The ability to browse the various pages and read the characteristics of each article where and when you want, is certainly an advantage to add to the fact that having a wide choice and the possibility of receiving the goods directly at the address provided in a few days. Returns and dedicated assistance from Italian operators make online purchases preferable to what you could do in any other physical store.

Banana plugs: what they are, how they work and applications in the field

How to choose banana plugs

Banana connectors are often compared to spade connectors, consisting of a metal plate with two protrusions that must be anchored to the system with a screw. Their installation, therefore, requires a screwdriver for this reason they are not as comfortable.
If you decide to buy a banana plug, you should know that there are different models:

  • Those defined as broken banana because they have a wavy break in the center of the metal part, this is done to make the connection particularly firm.
  • The reed ones, similar to the previous ones but use a different methodology to stabilize the union of the two parts. We speak of a lamella wrapped around the central pin.
  • The expansion ones, in this case screwing the connector will create an increase in volume of an internal component, vice versa by unscrewing the parts the dissolution of the bond will be very easy to dissolve

Before installation it is necessary to understand the compatibility with the cable that will be placed inside the banana connector. This aspect should be evaluated during the purchase phase, considering the diameter of the wires that will be used and also the sustained power.
The best banana connectors are made from oro, copper treaty e glass fiber, this is another factor to consider when optimizing the sound of your surround system or any other device that needs to transmit sound or music. Selecting an online store is certainly an advantage as here you will find many accessories such as: male and female plugs but also couplers, which are essential to lengthen an existing wire, thus creating a pleasant and safe connection because it does not have bare wires.

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