Bandai Namco: announced a new logo and a new purpose for the company

For Bandai Namco there will be some big and important changes, bringing a new logo in an official announcement, together with a new vision and purpose to which the company will aim

Through an official statement, it is explained what the new logo and purpose will mean towards Bandai Namco. It is stated that this decision was made due to the intense competition in today’s global market, continuously changing rapidly and with increasing different consumer needs, aims to reinforce every concept Bandai Namco in all regions, taking advantage of the individualities of each group within the company.

The new purpose in the Bandai Namco logo: dream and fun

As the new purpose represented in this logo, Bandai Namco, the company behind the most recent Tales of Arise, understands the reason it exists and why it carries on its business and corporate activities. It reached this deadline based on discussions with employees around the world, as well as internal and external surveys. This Purpose will become the icon definition of what the company will be starting from April 2022, and will shape the vision and strategy of the next intermediate plan.

“Bandai Namco exists to share dreams, fun and inspiration with people around the world. By binding society and people solely in the enjoyment of entertainment products and services, we work to create a bright future for everyone. “

Bandai Namco: announced a new logo and a new purpose for the company

The previous logo was used to express the merger that took place between Bandai and Namco; this will be replaced with one that will reflect the newly established Purpose, and will be used in all Bandai Namco companies and beyond, so as to increase the value which has the brand in the global market. The design that forms the logo is called Fukidashi in Japanese, and expresses the potential the brand has in connecting with people around the world, inspiring them with incredible ideas. It also represents manga culture which has now achieved undisputed popularity everywhere. Demonstrate the determination to communicate, bond and create Bandai Namco entertainment to fans around the globe; the magenta color not only does it represent diversity, it also gives a fun and bright look that is easily reproduced.

The ultimate goal of this change is therefore to further build Bandai’s value around the world. For more news about the world of video games, follow us on, while for games at discounted prices visit the Instant Gaming store.