Bandai Namco Game Music will distribute music from the company’s video games

Bandai Namco Game Music will distribute music from the company's video games

Music and video games are increasingly linked, as demonstrated today by the official launch of Bandai Namco Game Music. It is a real one record label owned by the famous videogame publisher. The aim is to bring the musical experience of video games to the widest possible audience. And to do so, the new label has already launched two albums containing the soundtracks of ELDEN RING and Tales of Arise, two popular titles by Bandai Namco.

“We strive to satisfy our fans with something more than just games, so we decided to make their music known to as many users as possible with the launch of two digital albums of the soundtracks of two of our titles” reads a press release of society.

Bandai Namco Game Music has released the OST for ELDEN RING and Tales of Arise

The first album, as announced, will include 67 tracks created by the composers of FromSoftware for ELDEN RING. The title’s OST (Official Soundtrack) accompanies the player through combat and game environments. The album was released on major music streaming platforms. Click here to choose where to listen to it.

The second publication concerns the OST of the last chapter of the Tales Of franchise. We are obviously talking about Tales of Arise, whose music was created and directed by the famous composer Motoi Sakuraba. Tracks range from evocative background music to epic battle themes, with a variety of styles and sounds, including popular music, strings and full orchestration. Also in this case the album was released on the main streaming platforms at this link.