STAR2COM and WIKIPOINT: partners in the world of the metaverse

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The important collaboration agreement will allow companies immediate access to the Metaverse with a ready platform and dedicated Communication and Marketing services

It is born today the first landmark in Italia to be able to enter actively and as a protagonist in the world of the Metaverse. The strategic partnership between Star2Com e Wikipoint.

So as to be able to allow everyone to enter this new frontier of commerce and communication by offering all the services needed to be protagonists.

Star2Com, Public Relations and Digital PR Agencyha signed an important collaboration agreement to be able to offer its customers a complete service, both as regards the infrastructure and the realization in the world of the Metaverse, as well as communication and marketing strategy.

This complementarity will allow the new structure to offer value-added services for the entry and positioning of companies in the new frontier of the Metaverse.

It turns out to be the complementary communication agency to this new reality. With more than 20 years of experience in Communication, which has always been linked and passionate to the technological world and business needs.

Able to support and increase communication of the companies that overlook the Metaverse, increasing their visibility, increasing their reputation and goodwill on the part of the community.

STAR2COM and WIKIPOINT: partners in the world of the metaverse

Wikipoint, a B2B platform that brings companies to the Metaverse

Wikipoint, International Startup in the Metaverse sector which has an ongoing campaign of crowdfunding on Mamacrowd, create environments Immersive 3D through which users can to interact, collect documentation e speak with a company representative. This approach represents an evolution compared to tools such as “chatbot“.

The only platform that integrates different browsing experiences for a truly inclusive solution, all through a municipality smartphone o PC.

L’interior design is thought to be the “home of your ideas “ respecting your Corporate Identity. The control panel (Content Management System) allows you to create an immersive experience with a few clicks and a very low and accessible costs also at Small and Medium Enterprises.

STAR2COM and WIKIPOINT: partners in the world of the metaverse

The statements of Luca Monticelli

Luca Monticelli, Star2Com CEO commented:

We have been looking for a long time for a technological partner that has a platform ready and operational that allows companies to enter the Metaverse today, quickly and with non-prohibitive costs. I am convinced that the Metaverse is the new business platform of the future because it offers new and exciting opportunities for companies to be in contact with both their customers, but also to be able to create important networks and connections in a more immediate, intuitive and innovative way. A new frontier where you can offer new solutions, new ways of working and connecting people in a more direct and compelling way. The partnership with Wikipoint is therefore strategic for us, both to help companies communicate once they are included in the Metaverse, and to create new business opportunities with a ready-to-use and turnkey platform.

The words of Barbara Leonetti

Barbara LeonettiCEO of Wikipoint commented:

We are already working on dozens of new environments, our customers are asking to be able to enter this new world to be market leaders and occupy the first places in the new world. What excites us most is to see that our customers often abandon traditional websites to offer their customers the new reality of the Metaverse. This is the case of Toshiba Multiclima Italia which has already made our solution operational by offering its customers a new and interactive experience.

Star2Com e Wikipoint are already working for to support the entry of companies and realities that require it, develop and communicate in the new frontier of Metaverso.

The new center will make it possible to have all the services necessary to be protagonists in the new frontier of communication in a single point of reference.

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