Barbie and Ken open Fashion Week thanks to Alessandro Enriquez

Alessandro Enriquez designs Barbie and Ken garments, for a pop clothing capsule, on the catwalks of Fashion Week

On the occasion of the Fashion Week one was made collection of custom dolls with the looks of the brand’s Spring Summer 2022 season, to send a clear message of equality and inclusion, ENRIQUEZ DIVERSITY, which takes shape on the famous dolls through the use of Alessandro’s color and prints.

The collection Alessandro Enriquez spring-summer 2022 is an imaginary journey in the Mediterranean, between Italian notes, French boutades, Spanish smiles and Greek sunsets enjoyed in the company of two great icons: Ken (who turns 60) e Barbie, with which we immerse ourselves in a world of colors, genderless and suitable for everyone.

Barbie and Ken open Fashion Week thanks to Alessandro Enriquez

3 Barbie and 3 Ken, multi-ethnic and with different physiognomies and builds, are thus immortalized in moments of carefree vacation by the artist Alberto Alicata placeholder image, and will be exhibited in a traveling photographic exhibition at the Giacomo Milano restaurants on 23 September e at the Banner Department Store in Milan, of the Biffi group, in via Sant’andrea for the duration of the fashion week.

Barbie and Ken Fashionistas is the line that absolutely reflects the spirit diversity e inclusivity driven of the brand. Barbie has introduced more than 175 looks through this line, giving children an incredible variety of skin tones, eye colors, hairstyles, body shapes and fashions to choose from. The diversity represented within the Fashionistas line offers children the opportunity to broaden their horizons within the moments of play, becoming the most inclusive line of dolls that there is and that best meets the needs of the little ones.

Pop clothing with a very Italian flavor

The itinerary of the Alessandro Enriquez collection takes shape and develops among flavors, colors and scents: the bougainvillea that populates the sunny coasts of beloved Sicily peeps out, the explosion of joy of the Spanish “holidays” where flamenco is danced toasting with the sangria, the French croisette with blue and deep blue tones and the views of the Cyclades islands that with their breathtaking sunrises and sunsets are the frames for summer kisses.

The unisex and Hawaiian printed shirts are inevitable, must have of the Enriquez collections, become passepartout to be combined with skirts or trousers in printed silk.

Long dresses with flounces, all in all-over print, mix of pleats and asymmetrical constructions of ruffles of different sizes, denim-style jackets but in printed douchesse and as a novelty of the season, the mono-color cady suits, jacket and trousers with a masculine cut for a more androgynous look but with vitamin colors.

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