Barbie’s car comes true

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Be sincere: how many times have you dreamed of having Barbie’s car when were you younger? Countless times, like all of us. What if we told you now that it would be possible to drive the Mattel doll car? To the Los Angeles Auto ShowIn fact, a Barbie-inspired car has appeared. Completely covered in glitter, it was undoubtedly the car that attracted the attention of visitors more than any other. Let’s go and discover it more closely.

Barbie EXTRA: Barbie’s car becomes reality

Barbie EXTRA is the car that just can’t go unnoticed. A small convertible with goalkeeper in the form of flaps, rainbow colored rims, soft pink headrests and a body completely covered with glitter paint. On the back the plaque reads “Barbie EXTRA”, and below it stand out star-shaped headlights and brake lights. In short, carefully thought out and cared for details to make the reproduction of this Barbie machine practically perfect.

The car, presented at the Los Angeles Auto Show, is to be considered a full-fledged automobile, being a Fiat 500 convertible modified. But here’s the bad news: Barbie’s car can’t really be bought, but it’s just a marketing gimmick from Mattel. The idea, as you can imagine, is to promote the new doll that will arrive on the market, Barbie EXTRA, precisely. As it turns out, it should be some sort of upgrade to the traditional Barbie. And we believe it well, given the marketing gimmick designed to promote its launch.