Barovier & Toso: the Venetian icon of lighting has a new digital face

Barovier&Toso: l'icona veneziana dell'illuminazione ha un nuovo volto digitale thumbnail

With so many years of history behind it, Barovier&Toso is one of the best known companies of Murano and specializes in creation of blown glass works mouth made by hand by master glassmakers. These works are a true symbol of luxury lighting in Italy and abroad. To digitize its activities, Barovier & Toso can count on the support of IN * MEDIA, Palermo agency that has been operating in the communication sector for over 25 years.

The digitization of the Murano company Barovier & Toso is signed by IM * MEDIA

The work done by IM * MEDIA with Barovier&Toso follows various lines of development to complete an articulated digitization program. The website of the Murano company is available now in four languages (Italian, English, Chinese and Russian) and focuses onaccessibility of contents and on usability with particular attention to User Experience. The history of Barovier & Toso has been going on for centuries. With over 700 years of historyin fact, the company is the sixth longest-running family business in the world and today it is ready to face the new digital reality.

The comment of the protagonists

Pasquale Esposito Lavina, co-founder and CEO of IM * MEDIA, underlines: “Among all the projects we have carried out to date, the one with Barovier & Toso will certainly remain one of the greatest satisfactions: to tell with the means and techniques of digital a reality of this caliber, which brings with it 700 years of mastery and precision, it is a success that further confirms to us how history and future are inexorably linked to each other and how much it is our duty, as communication professionals, to be able to connect them harmoniously “.

Diego Martinez Dubosc, CCO di Barovier&Toso, he adds: “” The new Barovier & Toso website was wanted and conceived as a real work tool, which combined marketing, communication and operations in a modern and refined setting and with a multifaceted language, at the same time emotional, engaging, technical and detailed “It should also be noted that:” for the first time Barovier & Toso shows the production cycle of Venetian Crystal in the furnace, allowing the user to virtually set foot in Murano and observe the gestures and tools that daily animate the company from 1295 ″