Suzuki launches Clean Ocean Project to protect the environment

Suzuki lancia Clean Ocean Project per tutelare l'ambiente thumbnail

Suzuki Clean Ocean Project is a worldwide project characterized by a very specific mission. The project, in fact, aims to raise public awareness of the importance of respect for the environment and the sea. To achieve this goal, a series of initiatives aimed at safeguarding the planet have been implemented.

Suzuki Clean Ocean Project: aim to protect and safeguard the environment and the seas

The Suzuki Clean Ocean Project integrates with the environmental sustainability plan Suzuki Environmental Vision 2050. This plan sets the goal of reducing CO2 emissions from Suzuki vehicles by 40% by 2030. For 2050, however, the aim is to achieve a reduction of 90%.

Then there is the campaign Clean-up the World which is part of the Suzuki Clean Ocean Project. This campaign began 11 years ago and has registered the adhesion of 14 Suzuki branches around the world which, every year, participate in days dedicated to environmental protection, recovering waste dispersed in the environment. Over 9,000 Suzuki employees have contributed to the initiative year after year.

Among the priorities is that of paper reduction

It should be noted that Suzuki is also involved in the reduction in the use of plastic. In particular, packaging is one of the areas where the use of plastic is rampant. The company has implemented new packaging systems aimed at reducing plastic material.