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Batso: Daniel Radcliffe and Ethan Hawke in the biopic

A challenge beyond one’s limits and a generational comparison are the ingredients of Batso, with Daniel Radcliffe, Ethan Hawke and Jessica Biel

Daniel Radcliffe and Ethan Hawke will co-star in a film for the first time. It is a biopic inspired by an exciting true story, entitled Batso. There is directing Kyle Marvin and Jessica Biel is also present in the cast. The source material for the feature film is the incredible adventure a duo of mountaineers who, in the early seventies, undertook the climb to the El Capitan peak, in Yosemite National Park.

Ethan Hawke plays the role of Warren Batso Hardingwhile the Harry Potter star plays Dean Caldwell. Jessica Biel, on the other hand, brings the climber to the stage Beryl Kanuth, Warren’s partner. Batso and Caldwell were the first climbers to tackle the dangerous overhang of El Capitan. A decidedly not easy undertaking, also considering Batso’s no longer young age and Dean’s insufficient experience. Their determination to reach the summit resulted in a climb that lasted 28 days (instead of the estimated 10), which kept the press and beyond in suspense. Batso’s screenplay is written by Eamon O’Sullivan.

Batso: Daniel Radcliffe and Ethan Hawke in the biopic

Batso: Daniel Radcliffe and Ethan Hawke together for the first time

In 1970, the two climbers set out with enough supplies for just 15 days. When they were halfway there, the National Park Service mounted a rescue operation. Batso and Caldwell, however, determined to see it through, refused help.

Marvin’s film must be able to convey to the public the climax of sensations, fatigue and disturbances experienced by the protagonists in that unforgettable month. Batso has from him the truth of an exceptional human story, a parable of courage, audacity and passion. The director expressed his thoughts like this:

To people who know the world of professional climbing it may seem that [i protagonisti, ndr] they are doing something extreme. But in reality their actions are a mirror of our lives. We all have a peak that we are destined to reach or die trying.

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