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Battlefield: 1943, Bad Company and the sequel will disappear from the marketplaces in late April

The eShop is about to have “bad company”: the first and second Bad Company are preparing to accompany Battlefield 1943 into oblivion

The preservation of video games is a hot topic in many ways, and if the imminent closure of the Nintendo eShop on 3DS and Wii U weren’t enough, now there is also the disappearance (a little less forthcoming, but still close) of Battlefield 1943 and of the two Bad Company from marketplaces. To give us the bad news is directly the EA itself. There are two dates to mark in funereal purple on your calendars. The first concerns the removal itself, intended for on the 28th of April. The second concerns the availability of online services, which will no longerDecember 8th. That’s right, that very day.

A Farewell to Arms for Who’s and Who’s Not, on Battlefield: Bad Company and 1943

While in the case of Battlefield 1943 the multiplayer component is so essential as to decree its end by May, with the exit of the two Bad Company their offline modes will always be usable, including the substantial single player campaign. For the record, the first title we mentioned was born as a purely digital game on PS3 and Xbox 360, and marked the debut of the Wake Island map on consoles (it had already been seen on PC some time before). Furthermore, it was only the third chapter of the saga to be released on consoles. We let you consult the official post about.

For what we sincerely hope is a typo, an earlier version of this “sunset announcement” also included Mirror’s Edge. We have faith in Faith’s immediate future, or at least we want to hope. As for the two Battlefield: Bad Company, the two debuting on PS3 and Xbox 360 have introduced the same mode Gold Rush over the years it has become a cornerstone of the multiplayer tradition of the series. Both “spin-offs” boast a greater focus on storytelling, with the eponymous “bad company” of soldiers at the center of the plot. Respect for the fallen.

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