Battlefield 2042: among the new maps arriving there is the one called “Exposure” which “will be something completely new”

EA recently talked about the new content and maps planned for Battlefield 2042, then mentioning the map called “Exposure”

EA said in a last minute interview that the latest of the new maps per Battlefield 2042, called “Exposure“,” Will bring the level design to a completely new level “, however the giant has not provided other details in this regard. Prior to the game’s release last month, DICE confirmed that the Season 1 of the game will not launch until 2022. When it arrives, the studio has said that the latter will include a new one Specialist, Battle Pass and new content of Portal, “And maybe some new places to see too,” that could allude to plans for introducing Exposure.

Battlefield 2042: new maps and content coming, but for now no specific details on “Exposure”

Before that, DICE will introduce missions e weekly rewards, as well as limited-time modes. EA said the limited time matchmaking modes will allow you to play Conquest e Breakthrough with 64 players on PC, PS5 and Xbox Series X / S. The modes currently support 128 players on these platforms, while the PS4 and Xbox One versions are limited to 64 players. The biggest update of Battlefield 2042 was released on Thursday and introduced over 300 fixes and various balance changes and other general improvements.

Another “small” update to Battlefield 2042 will be released in early December and will focus on balance changes and bug fixes. EA recently reported that DICE is working to bring back “the fan favorite gameplay elements” as a scoreboard, and had previously said that even adding the voice chat in the game it was “on the roadmap”.

Battlefield 2042: Among the new maps coming up is the one called "Exposure" that "it will be something completely new"

Thursday in a Twitter thread, the same software house claimed that the live service of Battlefield 2042 is providing the studio with “exciting new opportunities that allow us to explore with more creative freedom than before,” but also suggested that skin to topic Santa Claus previously leaked may not be introduced following fan criticism:

Today some of you have accidentally caught a glimpse of some Christmas themed cosmetics and we wanted to help clarify their intended use. Development for Live Service requires us to work months in advance and allows us to have options when we hit key moments in our first year. Today we have other priorities and therefore, even though we have skins, we currently do not plan to use them all during the holidays.

Yesterday EA announced its intention to create a “connected gaming universeAlong with widespread changes to the franchise’s development structure. As part of these new plans, the CEO of DICE, Oscar gabrielson, will leave EA entirely, while the co-founder of Respawn and Infinity Ward, Vince Zampella, will take on a new role as supervisor of the entire Battlefield franchise. The Halo designer, Marcus Lehto, he is also the head of a new Seattle studio whose goal will be to add more meaningful narrative to the Battlefield series.

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