Battlefield 2042: Chief designer leaves DICE after game release

As Battlefield 2042 finds its first major update, the title’s lead designer announces his departure from DICE

Like every year, the two most popular titles that have always dominated the FPS gaming landscape were released in November: Battlefield 2042 and CoD Vanguard. While the latter has found many criticisms due to the few innovations introduced, on the other hand Battlefield 2042 received negative reviews especially towards numerous changes made. Not only has the gameplay been changed, but the iconic title classes have also been reworked.

Not to mention the UI and the data that can be consulted during the match, such as the ranking and the kills, which have been repositioned in an unintuitive way or even omitted completely. The development team then declared their intention to improve these elements through a patch; meanwhile, in the last few hours he is revealed as the chief designer of Battlefield 2042 will abandon the DICE study.

Who will be the next Battlefield 2042 lead designer for the DICE studio

Fawzi Mesmar, who had been part of the studio behind Candy Crush, he then joined DICE in 2019. Among the various titles he worked on, there is the previous multiplayer game by Electronic Arts, also developed by DICE and themed Star Wars, or the famous series of Star Wars Battlefront. In an email sent to the staff, the designer said he was immensely pleased to have “been able to be part of one of the best teams in the galaxy”. He says he is continually inspired by the incredible design works that this continues to create, and thanks all the members for believing in him, also hinting at a hope in not having disappointed anyone.

Battlefield 2042: Chief designer leaves DICE after game release

The reasons behind this abandonment seem to hide behind a job opportunity that the chief designer would receive during the development of Battlefield 2042. He was unable to refuse, and with the approval of the new company he was still able to remain at DICE to be able to launch the new game in the Battlefield saga. Explain how it was important that he was with the team, in order to be able to reach the finish line.

Fawzi has long been arguing with the studio manager, Oskar Gabrielson, about who would fulfill his role at DICE, but the actual announcement would be delayed to allow for peaceful development. It therefore seems that there is already a person indicated who will provide support future game content.

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