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Battlefield 2042: DICE talks about the problems and news to come

The DICE team has published a Battlefield Briefing blog titled Launch Update & The Way Forward and dedicated to the new Battlefield 2042. The post provides users with the game team’s point of view on server performance and stability, gunplay, balance and progression of the Portal solo / co-op / custom experience.

The future news of Battlefield 2042 anticipated by the development team

It should also be noted that with this post the Battlefield 2042 team also illustrated the measures that are taken to counter and solve problems. Among the news spread we also find some information regarding the timing to be expected to register the complete changes to the game. To read the full version of the post you can take a look at official blog. All the updates coming to the game will also be communicated through theOfficial Battlefield Twitter account.

The game review

To learn more about the features of the game you can take a look at TechPrincess review which you can find linked below. The new Battlefield 2042 has shown enormous potential but, as described in the review, many good ideas have (for now) been wasted by a not flawless implementation. The DICE team plans to fully support the game in the near future. We’ll see what the updates will be.

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