Tips for building effective personal branding on LinkedIn

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Claudia Barberis, lecturer at the Catholic University of Milan, she is one of the leading experts in personal branding and has compiled a list of tips to tell about yourself and stand out on LinkedIn. Let’s see what are the points identified by Claudia Barberis for companies and entrepreneurs who want to tell what lies behind a brand or company on LinkedIn, the main social network in the business field.

Personal branding on LinkedIn: tips to follow

According to Claudia Barberis it is necessary be proactive. You have to be active in publishing content and interacting with the people and professional groups from which you want to make yourself known. It is also important to do not delegate, not being completely replaced by an agency. The contents that work are those with a strong personal component. Furthermore, describe and tell the results achieved.

To get more visibility it is necessary focus on native content that are favored by LinkedIn. It is then necessary to resort to visual content combining the texts with photos, videos and professional graphics. It can come in handy ssponsor on LinkedIn. Sponsorships on social media allow you to select the type of professionals you want to reach. Another key aspect is avoid spam.

Claudia Barberis’ comment

The teacher explains: “Today, the most formal corporate communication can be fake, old-fashioned and often frightening: people instead want to have to deal with other people to connect with. The goal of Personal Branding is to be able to set up your communication at both a professional and human level, to start a conversation with your customers, differentiate yourself from the competition and build your own authority over time. ”