Battlefield 2042: here is an overview with all the news

Following the reveal trailer for the new Battlefield, the DICE developers have updated their site. So let’s see a brief overview of Battlefield 2042

Yesterday the trailer was released in which EA and DICE officially announced the game. Although the trailer showed practically nothing about the game other than the type of imagery, the war context, the presence of extreme weather events and some vehicles, the developers DICE have updated the official website with more information on the title. So here’s one overview on the news of the new Battlefield 2042.

Maps, modes, and specialists in this brief overview of Battlefield 2042

Battlefield 2042 presents itself on paper as a worthy one successor of the previous chapters. Field battles with a large number of players, a large variety of vehicles and weapons available, as well as events that change the conditions environmental. From these premises we can guess many different situations and matches that promise never to be boring. As for the modes, this Battlefield 2042 forgets the single-player campaign to focus only on multiplayer. Conquest and breakthrough are back, as well as the new mode Dangerous area, which will probably be unveiled on June 13 at the Microsoft event. The maps will be even more extensive and spectacular.

Out of a total of 7 maps, each will have within it several distinct combat areas designed to be crossed by the numerous vehicles. Another novelty is the dynamic world. From what has been suggested, it seems that the game maps drastically change their face later, as well as by the actions of the players, also by environmental events exceptional that will make players change strategy and make them to adapt under the new conditions. The equipment of the soldiers will expand compared to that of the last chapter of the saga by introducing state-of-the-art weapons, vehicles, jets, helicopters and equipment, inspired by the future from 2042.

Battlefield 2042: here is an overview with all the news

The specialists are back, based on the classics 4 classi of Battlefield, these will have unique abilities while maintaining the customization of the loadout for each. Finally, the title roadmap will follow the usual seasonal pattern, each of which will last approximately 3 months. Each season will be accompanied by a free and a paid battlepass. This was a brief overview of the next Battlefield 2042. While waiting for other news, we await the Microsoft event in which it will be shown for the first time in gameplay of the title.

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