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Battlefield 2042: in arrivo su Xbox Game Pass ed EA Play

Perhaps the Battlefield 2042 title has never convinced fans of the series as it would have liked, but it still continues to generate interest as we shall see.

Although it only came out last year, di Battlefield 2042 we are talking about it less and less or at least this is what we believed up to now with the announcement by EA e DICE. But let’s try to move on with a little calm.

Battlefield 2042: Coming Back Soon?

As we all know well, thanks to the various services offered by the consoles it is possible to grab the various games released over the years and it can be a good opportunity to reassess them and play a game with them if you never have. Well, for the much mistreated Battlefield 2042which we have already talked about here, could be the same thing!

EA and DICE (or the Swedish Digital Illusions Creative Entertainment which created the first chapter twenty years ago) have therefore announced that their “controversial” title will arrive on EA Play and Xbox Games Pass Ultimate. A specific date has not yet been announced, but it should be shortly after launch of Season 3 scheduled for December.

In all this we must not forget that the newborn Ridgeline Games is already working for the campagna in single player and the Ripple Effect Studio is hard at work to give to the players “A completely new experience”. We then add that the patch 3.2 for classes, it is scheduled for early 2023.

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