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Battlefield 2042 is sinking with very few players left

Battlefield 2042 he did not have a particularly brilliant launch, and immediately struggled to convince his players of the goodness of his playful formula. It is no coincidence that the title, despite the brief initial enthusiasm has continued to lose users just a few weeks after the release, and even now, months later, the situation has not improved. Let’s take stock of the Battlefield 2042 situation right now.

Battlefield 2042: the players are fewer and fewer

Among the most evident symptoms of the huge bleeding of players that is affecting the game we must first consider one of the new modes that the Battlefield 2042 he introduced. We are talking about Hazard Zone, a mode in which teams of users must fight simultaneously with other players and with enemies controlled by artificial intelligence.

Although this activity initially attracted the support of the community, over time the players have abandoned it en masse, due to some endemic shortcomings that Dice did not implement and that would greatly benefit the mode. The lack of voice chat is a prime example of this, but there are many other examples.

Now, months later, the situation has only gotten worse, to the point where the development team has even stopped calculating the number of active players in the Hazard Zone. The reason is very simple: given that the user is very low, the studio has no reason to monitor internal statistics, a choice that is not surprising given that in the last week the game has only had 6000 active players.

If we also want to look at the tragicomic aspect of the story, it is that even the hackers and cheaters have abandoned the title, as the insider points out. Tom Henderson. This is due to the poor performance of the game and the incredibly high number of bugs and glitches that plague it.

Steam offers refunds

The situation is so tragic that even Steam has made a decision in direct conflict with its terms of use by offering refunds surprise for users who request it. For those who do not know, in fact, the Valve portal usually offers refunds only within 14 days of the game’s release and only if you have not exceeded the 120 hours of gameplay, a sign that this occasion is nothing short of special.

It is very likely that Steam has decided to grant refunds once the complaints of the players have been considered and placed on the scales. To avoid particularly intense waves of hatred, the platform has therefore decided to act preventively with the proverbial breaking from the rule.

Battlefield 2042 players

Of course, there is also the downside to consider: with a move like that, Steam does nothing but confirm the bad quality of the title, with the risk of reviving the controversy on the subject. Despite this, the initiative is appreciable and could work as a signal for Valve that something has gone very wrong with this new chapter of Battlefield 2042.

The hope therefore is that the developers work to put a patch on the many problems that plague the title.

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