Battlefield 2042: New Score Screen Coming Soon

A screenshot shows us the work-in-progress of what will be the new scoring screen in Battlefield 2042, and not far away

Following what is a “mostly negative” reception on Steam, the development team DICE stated that he wanted to address the problems of Battlefield 2042 with an update that apparently includes a new high score screen. For now, version 3.2 is live and includes a balance to the distribution of experience points for Battlefield Portal. In short, it certainly cannot be said that the team has been sluggish since the holiday period ended. To testify it is a screenshot published by the developers on the official social channels.

SAYS says Battlefield 2042’s score screen will change

The affected screen is still far from complete, but for now it already looks promising for the future of Battlefield 2042. The interface includes a match report, number of eliminations, stats and lobbying players. Not for this, however, is the definitive version. The screen will receive updates in the future as well, and DICE looks forward to player feedback when it goes live. We leave you to view the interested post.

What the team said does not fail to allude to how much matchmaking preferences are “still on the radar”. While there are no status updates, DICE has ensured there is still more to show on the matter. Until then, however, we can only be patient. Insider Tom Henderson reported early sales figures are hovering 4.23 million units, to then specify that this probably also includes those who have asked for compensation and those who have limited themselves to trying the game. Electronic Arts has not yet provided official confirmations or denials in this regard.

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