Battlefield 2042: release date postponed?

The Battlefield 2042 release date has been postponed: this is what some leakers and journalists are saying in the last few hours

The news of the last hour is one of the “heavy” ones: It seems likely that the release date from Battlefield 2042 Sara postponed, at least according to a persistent rumor. EA hasn’t officially announced any changes to plans yet, but a number of insiders have said a delay will be announced before the end of the week. Let’s see all the details about it in the next lines of this article.

Battlefield 2042: the release date may have already been positive, but for now there is no officiality from EA and DICE

The GamesBeat reporter Jeff Grubb was the first to suggest that another game will be delayed this week on Twitter. Although initially Grubb did not specifically name Battlefield 2042, he later confirmed that DICE’s shooter is indeed the game he was referring to on his Discord, so yeah: the release date it could be postponed at any moment.

Even the insider Tom Henderson he intervened to say that he had heard similar news. However, it does not appear that the different parties are in agreement on when the highly anticipated DICE title will be released. Some suggest the game has been postponed to 2022, while Henderson expects the delay to take it back a few weeks, seemingly pushing it to some point in November.

DICE and EA have been unusually silent about Battlefield 2042 in the past few weeks. Beyond the initial reveal of the game and the subsequent announcement of the Battlefield Portal, the developer was cautious when it came to talking about gameplay. For example, we have yet to witness a full multiplayer match or get to know the Specialist remaining, a few weeks after launch. In short: all very unusual for a Battlefield launch.

The game’s beta, which is expected to run this month, has also not been officially advertised in a meaningful way. This lack of news has led many to worry about the state of development, and is partly why this delay – if it turns out to be true – won’t surprise most.

In 2018, Battlefield 5 was postponed to the end of November, one month after the originally announced release date of late October. However, considering it’s mid-September, the official news (good or bad) shouldn’t be too far off. For now, take it all with the pliers.

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