Battlefield 2042: Sales figures are lower than recorded

A recent rumor seems to reveal how the sales figures obtained by Battlefield 2042 in the first week of release do not really correspond to the number of copies sold.

This is a rather strange time for multiplayer first person shooter games; while titles like Fortnite and Apex Legends continue to depopulate on all kinds of devices and platforms, recently it is possible to see a heavy rout of the most iconic and traditional multiplayer titles, such as Call of Duty and the Battlefield series. In fact, both sagas are confronted with a general dissatisfaction on the part of the players, due to the management of the two games by their respective development houses.

Battlefield 2042 could perhaps be the title that has suffered most of all a strong abandonment of the user, and not even the christmas event seems to have managed to attract a greater following to the new DICE game. Since launch, there have been a staggering number of negative reviews on Steam towards Battlefield 2042, however, with almost four and a half million copies sold in the sales figures during the first week. This figure had been revealed by leaker Tom Henderson, who this time returns to talk about the figure in question, revealing how in reality the numbers in question are exaggerated.

Battlefield 2042 sales figures

Some time ago, the leaker and insider Tom Henderson had publicly reported the number of copies sold in the first week of the launch of Battlefield 2042. The number of 4 million copies exceeded comes from Henderson himself, considered a more than reliable source when he proceeds to leak something, especially with regards to Battlefield and the content that should present itself within the game. Despite the title has not been very well received, and was studded with bugs during the first month of launch, so there seemed to be at least one positive side to the development study. However, in the past few hours, the same leaker claims to have received new information regarding the correct sales data, which reveal the true numbers of those who bought Battlefield 2042 during the first week of launch.

Henderson also published a new tweet, stating that in reality those 4.2 million games sold based on the total number of players do not correspond to the data of the numbers actually registered, since they would actually have been cumulatively added together. Therefore, this means that from the beginning not only the users who bought the game were calculated, but also those who bought it. and then ask for a refund, in addition to the people who went to do the 10 hours of exclusive trial if you are an EA Play subscriber on PlayStation, Xbox and PC. And while this data actually records the number of players who have accessed the title, it would be interesting to know how many of those people now no longer enjoy the game.

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