Battlefield 2042: The beta version has made “great strides” in recent months

Here’s DICE what it says: we have news on the troubled development of Battlefield 2042, including “months of progress” for the beta version

According to Electronic Arts, the beta version of Battlefield 2042 reflects a previous build of the game: the changes will be many and “significant” once players get their hands on the physical version. Early access started on Wednesday, while the general test will be open to everyone starting tomorrow, Friday 8 October. The development team DICE has released a list of known issues that players might run into during testing. The list, including matchmaking errors and minor problems with the graphics engine, is however constantly updated.

Battlefield beta and over 2042 progress

According to one of EA’s community managers, the beta version of Battlefield 2042 is “a few months old”. Later, the manager specified that the game is polished and improved in such a way as to “represent” the initial vision, without disdaining the daily improvements. This is echoed by the general manager of DICE. In this sense, the words of Oskar Gabrielson are very reassuring: “We have made considerable progress in the last couple of months, complete with improvements in the field of view and stability that were not included in the build used in the tests.”

In the next tweet, Gabrielson concluded by letting us know that in the last few weeks before the launch, “giant steps” have been taken for an “extraordinary experience” on November 12 (for early access). In mid-September, EA postponed the release date from October 22 to November 19. However, players in possession of the Gold and Ultimate editions will be able to play the game one week in advance.

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