Battlefield 2042: the story of the game anticipated by the short film Exodus

Battlefield 2042: la storia del gioco anticipata dal cortometraggio Exodus thumbnail

Pending the official release of the game, Electronic Arts and DICE officially release Exodus, a short film that anticipates the setting of Battlefield 2042. The short film in question offers us a closer look at the events that started the Civil War of the Homeless which will characterize the new title of Exodus.

Battlefield 2042 anticipated by the new short film Exodus

The short film Exodus which anticipates the setting and the story behind the new DICE title is available in streaming, on YouTube. Here is the full video of the project:

Exodus also introduces the rich cast of playable Homeless characters, known as Specialists. To report the presence of an “old friend” of the fans of the series with the return of Kimble “Irish” Graves, Portrayed by Michael K. Williams, from Battlefield 4.

Exodus also introduces the mysterious Oz who will clash with Irish about the future of the Homeless. Note that Irish is the fifth Specialist revealed. The other 5 will be revealed in the coming weeks. For more details on Specialists you can refer to official site of the game.

The game comes out in October

The new Battlefield 2042 will be available starting next year 22 October. The game will arrive on PC, with a price of 59.99 euros. The release is also expected on Playstation 4 and Xbox One, at 69.99 euros, and on Xbox Series X and S and Playstation 5, at 79.99 euros.

Note that by pre-ordering the game you will receive several additional bonuses. Among the advantages reserved for those who will make the pre-order we find an exclusive Legendary Skin Battle Hardened for Irish as a playable Specialist along with early access to the Open Beta.

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