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The Back 4 Blood Beta Test: The Zombie Heal is a Hail of Bullets

Ah, summer. A period of quiet, holidays, so much heat and hordes of zombies. Yes, summer 2021 was made more crackling by a small taste of the endless swarms of zombies of Back 4 Blood. The much talked about multiplayer shooter from Turtle Rock Studios it will only arrive on our PCs and Consoles starting in October, but the team gave us a bloody preview with the Beta version of Back 4 Blood in which we dived to fish to be able to talk about it. Let’s put the holidays aside and get into action.

The Beta version of Back 4 Blood

Back 4 Blood is set in a world ravaged by a pandemic caused by a worm, a simple parasite which has infected the whole of humanity (or almost) by transforming it into zombie. Hideous creatures hungry for human flesh, prowl everywhere in search of the few survivors of the disaster. The latter will be the protagonists of the gameor as well as playable characters ready to smash some heads trying to stay alive. Their names are Walker, Holly, Hoffman, Evangelo, Karlee, Doc, Jim, e “Mom“. Eight fearless, insane survivors will have to work together to survive.

In fact, the enemies are many, frighteningly many. Hordes of zombies of various types, abilities and disgusting physical characteristics they are ready to tear you and your team apart, so you will need many, many weapons. In addition to pistols, shotguns, precision rifles, automatic rifles, grenades and so on and so forth, our survivors will be able to cope with certain unique skills and weapons. In the Beta version we were able to try 5 out of 8 characters, however, an exhaustive number to realize what lies ahead.

Among these we find Evangelo, a young and athletic guy who can increase his stamina and get a speed bonus for the whole team when on the team. His personal weapon is a large, razor-sharp machete. Walker instead he is a war veteran who can offer a health bonus to the whole team. His weapon is a devastating Glock 23. The young girl Holly he hides a devastating fury that he unleashes left and right with his club which he lovingly calls Dotty. When on the team, he gives everyone a stamina boost and an increase in personal damage. “Mother” O “Ma’”Is a maternal woman, reassuring and ruthless. Wearing a very powerful brace, he manages to defend the team in a great way while also being able to instantly revive a team member who has fallen in battle. Closes the rows Hoffman, a clumsy character who, however, offers an increase in bullet capacity to the whole team, as well as becoming a terrible zombie hunter thanks to his M1911 pistol.

Blood and… more blood, what else ?!

The book of crazy characters particularly characterizes the game and the atmosphere it manages to give. The characters, who are chosen at the beginning of each match, in addition to have unique weapons and skills, they also have one own and crazy personality. The characters interact with each other and comment on what is going on in the game which greatly helps the player to feel part of the game. But don’t let the chatter distract you, because the zombies are coming!

Each play area is characterized by the boundless presence of many zombies who will be attracted to the survivors and their fresh flesh. A series of well-characterized and delimited maps will be the scenario of every match in which we should arrive from point A to point B. In this journey we will have to deal not only with zombies (have we already said that there are many?) Also with a series of unexpected events in the map. We shall, for example, do explode various mines, which have become zombie lairs or even far to sink a boat and slow the advance of the horde.

Each element is well thought out and does not slow down the pace of the game and does not decrease‘adrenalin entered the circle, true protagonist of Back 4 Blood. Racing, shootings, gaze work, other shootings, zombies and blood here and there, make the pace of the game pleasantly high without being anxious. With a weapon in hand, a team of well-defined characters and tons of Zombies to kill, fun is guaranteed.

A beta that is a dream

At this point in our preview, we don’t want to spoil other elements like the versus mode (oops!) or a card system which will grant bonuses and buffs during the game (OPS !!). But one element that, both as gamers and as reviewers, we must put in the spotlight is thegreat job done in this Beta version. During our sessions we never noticed any particular bugs, no glitches, no noteworthy frame drops or crashes. A much more stable Beta version to certain full games than bodes well for the final Back 4 Blood that we can’t wait to play.

We will be able to give you more information and severed heads starting in October of this year when Back 4 Blood is available, to give you a lot of excitement and an adrenaline rush.

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