Battlefield 2042: Voice Chat will not be available at launch

After the launch of Battlefield 2042, players will have to wait for voice chat access

The wait is finally coming to an end: while the preload of Battlefield 2042 has already been made accessible in Early Access to subscribers to EA Play and to the Xbox Game Pass, Gold and Ultimate service, next week it will also be possible for those who own a PS5 or a PS4, starting November 17.

This fact also allowed some people to be able to publish numerous gameplay videos of the game, showing the two modes included in this chapter of Battlefield on which there was a strong interest, namely the brand new Hazard Zone and Portal, which reintroduces the historical maps of the saga. Despite renewed enthusiasm for Battlefield 2042, news of the lack of voice chat could create a new headache for developers.

The reasons for the absence of voice chat in Battlefield 2042

The Battlefield 2042 beta had numerous details to fix and add: the soldiers could not send voice requests or signals, the enemies were difficult to distinguish, the indicators of the killings or more generally of the various objectives did not appear well on the screen, there was no possibility either to write in the chat, or to communicate through a voice chat. Even if in the videos released And possible to see significant progress regarding these issues, the problem of voice communication will have to persist even once the game is launched, according to the words of community manager Kevin Johnson.

Battlefield 2042: Voice Chat will not be available at launch

Johnson himself recommends the use of other applications on PC to talk to your teammates, for example through the use of Discord, while for Xbox and PlayStation it would be possible to use the option to create parties, already provided by the systems themselves of the respective consoles. Developers at DICE believe voice chat is likely to arrive in an upcoming update shortly after the launch of Battlefield 2042.

In-game exclusion of this feature may not actually be a big problem, considered as so far a large number of users have very often preferred to deactivate the VOIP of the game. While actively communicating with the team isn’t too critical in major modes like Conquest, that will take over though a decisive role in one based on teamwork like Hazard Zone, and therefore the situation will be very difficult when you will not have the opportunity to interact with other players, not present in your friends list.

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