Battlefield 4: the EA title available free for PC, how to redeem it

EA’s battlefield 4 game is free for PC, thanks to Prime Gaming. Let’s see together how to redeem the title and download the game

Days after the announcement of the new chapter, Amazon Prime and Twitch make one available new offer for all PC players: Battlefield 4 it’s available free thanks to the Prime Gaming offer. In this article we will show you how to redeem the offer and add the game to your gaming library. Despite its age, the game has found great success in the videogame community, so much so that it is still played on PC and so successful that it has been given away.

Battlefield 4: how to redeem it for free

To redeem the title, you will need to have an Origin account, un account Amazon prime and an account Twitch. The collaboration between the latter two called “Prime Gaming” allows PC gamers to redeem offers monthly e bonus for their own titles. One time created l’account Amazon prime e l’account Twitch, you will need to log in and link the two accounts via this link. Once logged in, we could scroll into the list of available rewards and click on the game of our interest. The offer includes the Standard edition of Battlefield 4 and will be available until the June 21st and once redeem the key, it will be possible associate it to the Origin account right through June 21st.

Battlefield 4: the EA title available free for PC, how to redeem it

Once this is done, we will have a screen in front of us with the button “Redeem now”. Once the button is pressed, the site will provide us with a key that will allow us to associate the game license to our account Origin. To do this, we will need to have its client installed on our PC by downloading the application from its site. Completed download and installation, we will have to go to the upper menu, select the item “Origin” and select the item “Redeem product code“. One will open window pop-up who will ask us for the key to the game (the one that Prime Gaming provided us). Once the key has been entered, the title will appear in the game library ready to be downloaded.

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