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Bayonetta Origins is now available: here is the overview trailer!

Nintendo officially announced the arrival of Bayonetta Origins: Cereza and the Lost Demon with an overview trailer and a press release: let’s find out all the details together

After the success, between press and critics, of Bayonetta 3 (here our review!), It’s time to return to take on the role of the most famous witch of all time … in another setting. Bayonetta is back on Nintendo Switch in a completely new guise that will make gamers of all kinds fall in love with its enchanting formula suitable for everyone. Bayonetta Origins: Cereza and the Lost Demon (here our preview) represents in fact a radical change of direction from the original sagawhich has become famous all over the world thanks to its action game nature and the charisma of the protagonist.

With this new chapter, thought of as an illustrated book of fairy tales, the Japanese development house chooses to tell the birth of the Witch of Umbra with a unique and iconic style, downsizing the spectacularity of the character who gave the saga its name and helping little Cereza to face her fears during the journey in search of the magical power that will help her save her mother. Cereza, in fact, is a girl who would like to become strong and self-confident and that before being called “Bayonetta”, she will have to face a mission at a dance step through the pitfalls of the forbidden forest of Avalon alongside the infernal demon Cheshire.

An extraordinary double adventure full of surprises is waiting to be written and lived. To get the better of the dangers and adversities of the forbidden forest, it will be indispensable harness the abilities of Cereza and Cheshire by joining forces and controlling individually – alone or in pairs – the girl and the demon. The puzzles, challenges and pitfalls of the surrounding environment will have to be tackled by simultaneously using the left Joy-Con controller to cast spells and transform the surroundings with the apprentice witch and the right Joy-Con controller to unleash the force of Cheshire and overcome every obstacle.

Bayonetta Origins is finally available as well as its Overview Trailer!

Collaboration will be the key to survival, exploring the secrets of the forest and finding a way out of the Tír na nÓg, the underground labyrinths that will put the two allies to the test with illusions and traps. Fortunately, the territory will also offer useful resources that will allow you to enhance their skills: Elemental cores and ingredients to create magical potions and concoctions will be a fundamental element to balance and enrich the gaming experience. In fact, the prologue of the Bayonetta saga undertakes to adapt to everyone’s experience and abilities, allowing even budding gamers to take their first steps alongside Cereza as she grapples with her witchcraft apprenticeship.

The unmissable appointment with the young novice and the Cheshire demon is set for March 17 and for the occasion, the well-known Roman illustrator Giacomo Bevilacqua (of A Panda Likes) has created an illustration that immortalizes the two protagonists of this new and enchanting adventure. The work reproduces the unique graphic style of the title, a fairy tale that tells the origins of one of Nintendo’s most iconic female characters. Bayonetta Origins: Cereza and the Lost Demon can be pre-ordered both digitally and in card version directly from the My Nintendo Store and will be available starting today only on Nintendo Switch, ready to conquer everyone with its pastel colors and its bewitching flavor of magic.

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