Be Charge: a new look that smells of renewal

Be Charge: una nuova veste che sa di rinnovamento thumbnail

Be Charge makes a new and significant evolution. The group that deals with electric mobility renews its smartphone app by introducing new features and a new user experience that is even simpler and more intuitive.

Registering, after downloading the app, both on the iOS and Android stores, will be even easier thanks to the new interface which allows you to filter the Be Charge and partner charging points based on various parameters, such as power in kW, availability and accessibility 24 hours a day.

It will be possible to set your favorite charging stations, select the battery level during charging to have more accurate charging estimates and manage your battery-powered vehicles in a completely rethought and improved section

Be Charge: the details of the new features of the app

Six essential points to enter a new era:

  • Registration: thanks to the new interface, a new user experience that is even simpler and more intuitive allows you to welcome new customers who register for the first time on the Be Charge app.
  • Filters in the map: you can search for the columns by availability, power, accessibility h24, select those managed by Be Charge and / or the interoperable ones.
  • Vehicle management: the specific section for entering data relating to your vehicle has been improved and can now accommodate more vehicles with extensive customization possibilities and the ability to monitor the recharge based on the characteristics of the cars entered, filtering the columns available based on the supplied with the car and estimating the recharge speed based on the characteristics of the car, as well as another set of customized data in the recharging history.
  • Preview of the column: the specifications of a column can be viewed in a totally new interface, showing the price, availability, number of recharging points present and their charging speed, the type of socket and the distance that separates the user from the column .
  • Rates: a brand new tariff management section allows you to easily choose the most appropriate charging solutions for the type of use of the electric vehicles of each individual customer. New flat rates are added to the already available flat rates, in order to meet the needs of all e-drivers.
  • Support: A completely revised support section allows customers to assist customers in all stages of the charging process and to access Be Charge telephone support available 24/7.

“The constant commitment of Be Charge in accelerating the transition path towards conscious and sustainable mobility also passes through investments that go not only in the direction of exponentially expanding its charging network, but also by enhancing what is the technological tool to use the charging experience, namely our App. – he says Paolo Martini, CEO of Be Charge. “The accessibility of infrastructures for our customers will now be even simpler, more intuitive and faster thanks to the new ‘Be Charge’ app that we have just launched on the Apple and Android App Stores”.