be Quiet! presents Pure Loop 2: the new cooling unit

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Be Quiet! Pure Loop 2: High-performance and silent AIO water cooling unit. All-in-one liquid cooling with elegant ARGB lighting

be quiet!, the German manufacturer of high-quality PC components, announces the addition of Pure Loop 2 to its range of all-in-one water cooling units. Pure Loop 2 replaces the award-winning Pure Loop, offering substantial improvements. This is thanks to the implementation of a pump with PWM regulation and ARGB LEDs around the cooling block.

Compared to Pure Loop 2 FX, the new Pure Loop 2 series uses the brand new Pure Wings 3 PWM high-speed fans from be quiet!; for high static pressure and quiet operation. To meet individual cooling needs, Pure Loop 2 will be available with four different radiator sizes: 120mm, 240mm, 280mm and 360mm.

be Quiet!  presents Pure Loop 2: the new cooling unit

Details on the new Pure Loop 2 cooling unit

Pure Loop 2 water coolers rely on up to three Pure Wings 3 PWM high-speed fans. These offer very quiet operation of just 36.8 dB(A) at maximum speed. The fans also support a unique closed-loop motor function; this monitors the fan rotation speed and makes automatic adjustments to maintain constant fan speed, regardless of the radiator’s air resistance.

Pure Loop 2 features a doubly decoupled pump to reduce vibration transfer: Being mounted on the tubes, the pump casing is decoupled from the CPU cooling block and the radiator. Additionally, rubber padding inside the pump unit housing adds an additional layer of decoupling. The pumping unit is PWM adjustable, allowing for better regulation of the performance/noise ratio. A nickel-coated cold plate ensures efficient cooling performance for all mainstream desktop processors and enables the use of liquid metal thermal compounds.

Attractive design, convenient installation and charging port

Pure Loop 2 sets a high aesthetic standard with the all-black design of the fans, radiator and tubes, accented by the brushed aluminum-style cooling block. be quiet! implemented an easy-access charging port on the radiator; this way you can top up the coolant when necessary, to achieve maximum performance and long life.

A 100ml bottle of coolant is included in the package, which should last for at least six top-ups. Highly flexible sleeve tubes allow for convenient installation, even in cases of limited space. Thanks to a convenient mounting system, Pure Loop 2 supports all current mainstream desktop processors from Intel and AMD. Pure Loop 2 is available at retail from October 10th at a recommended price of $99.90 / €89.90 / £84.99 (120mm), $114.90 / €104.90 / £99.99 (240mm ), $124.90 / €114.90 / £109.99 (280mm) and $139.90 / €129.90 / £125.99 (360mm).

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