The first OnePlus foldable smartphone bears the signature of OPPO

Il primo smartphone pieghevole OnePlus porta la firma di OPPO thumbnail

From the collaboration with OPPO was born the primo smartphone pieghevole OnePlus, a global technology brand that enthusiastically announced the launch of the new device, in line with the company’s “Never Settle” spirit. It will be a cutting-edge product, without compromises and equipped with a large screen.

OnePlus and OPPO to create the best leaflet ever

The new foldable smartphone was created with the aim of offering users a innovative device with a compact design. OnePlus’ mission is always the same: to create devices that put user needs first, ensuring fast and smooth experiences. With this objective, the collaboration with OPPO has allowed us to multiply research and development resources. And the result is a very positive user response, which now culminates in the new OnePlus foldable smartphone.

Equipped with system alert slider, a distinctive and one of OnePlus’ most loved feature, the new foldable device has several strong points. One of these is the hinge, which differs from the traditional slab shape. This is a crucial aspect of foldable devices, affecting not only size and weight, but also the overall user experience. It is no coincidence that OnePlus boasts over 600 patents dedicated to the design of the hinges.

Compared to the solution we find in OPPO Find N2, the hinge of the OnePlus foldable has 31 fewer components. This contributed to an overall improvement of the device, also in terms of resistance. Furthermore, this innovative hinge leaves more space for other components of the phone, such as one large screena common requirement in a leaflet.

The light and slim design finally combines with a high performance camera, for a fast and fluid experience typical of the brand. A set of features that perfectly embody OnePlus’ goal: to create a product that is not only a flagship model, but the “best foldable smartphone ever”.

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