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Be Quiet! Review Pure Loop 240 FX: marriage between beauty and efficiency

In this review we will talk about Be Quiet! Pure Loop 240 FX, all-in-one liquid cooler that combines beauty and efficiency

There are many heatsinks, and we often run into brands that offer their products at bargain prices. Today we have the pleasure of trying a Be Quiet!, a company that over time has carved out a role of absolute protagonist in the world hardware panorama. The product that we have tried and tested today is the Be Quiet! Pure Loop 24 FX240mm heatsink that really amazed us in terms of beauty, ease of use e completeness. Without further ado let’s dive into his full review.

Packaging and unboxing | Be Quiet! Review Pure Loop 240 FX

The company’s effort to create packages aesthetically pleasing is of fundamental importance. The packaging is in fact well-kept, totally black with all the information and technical characteristics of the product. Inside we obviously find the entire heatsink block, with the classic mounting kits supplied Intel e AMD. The equipment is completed by a small syringe of thermal paste, a bottle of spare coolant, two 120mm ARGB and a hub for ARGB fans. Obviously there is also the instruction booklet really well done.

Technical features

Below is a rundown of the main technical characteristics of the product:

  • AMD Compatibility: socket AM5/AM4
  • Intel Compatibility: socket 1700/1200/2066/1150/1151/1155/2011(-3) square ILM
  • Fans: 2x Pure Wings 2 PWM ARGB high-speed 120mm max. 2500 rpm
  • Pump speed: 5500 rpm, 3-pin
  • Dimensions and weight: 277x120x52mm, 1.05 kg
  • Other characteristics: single color led lighting, liquid refill port, sleeved tubes, nickel coated dissipating plate
  • Warranty: 3 years

Peculiarities and installation | Be Quiet! Review Pure Loop 240 FX

Let’s start with praising Be Quiet! for choices that if it is true that they stand out from the crowd, it is also true that they often and willingly prove to be successful. First of all the position of the pump, in partnership with KD Industrial which is moved close to the radiator. Taking it back a bit stile of the younger sister Pure Loop 240. Not only that, because also the provision of a charging port on the radiator for replacing the coolant is an absolute gem. Also taken from the younger sister and very useful also in terms of durability over time. A nod also to plate on CPU block, made of copper and coated in Nickel which allows it to be used also in liquid metal optics (instead of the classic thermal paste).

The installation was very simple, facilitated albeit from the case Pure Base 500 FX reviewed by us. After having mounted the backplate suitable for the motherboard and especially the processor in our possession, we will be able to continue the work by overturning the motherboard again and attaching the supports for the heatsink. I am alone two screws to screw on the special supports of the backplate. Choice that many like, I honestly do not fully convince (but this remains a personal opinion).

Links with the hub

The heatsink comes with a hub PWM/ARGB capable of handling several fans. In my case, since I already had one pre-installed with the case, I still wanted to install it next to it. To this hub I connected the two radiator fans and the cable ARGB of CPU block. Clearly this hub needs a sata power supply PWM connector (which I have attached on “CPU Fan”) and an input ARGB (which I stuck on a door ARGB of the other hub so that they were all coordinated).

Be Quiet! Review  Pure Loop 240 FX: marriage between beauty and efficiency

Test and Benchmark Build | Be Quiet! Review Pure Loop 240 FX

Let’s start with the list of components that gave life to the build I used to field test this heatsink:

  • Case: Be Quiet! Pure Base 500 FX
  • Motherboard: Biostar B660 GTA
  • CPU: Intel Core i5 12600
  • RAM: Crucial Ballistix 3200 MHz 16GB (8×2)
  • SSD: Samsung 980 PRO 1 TB

Tests were carried out using a thermal paste different from the one offered by Be Quiet! in particular l’Artic MX-2 available for a few euros on Amazon. The results visible in the tests below represent the peak value reached within the test. The average value, on the other hand, is one or two degrees below. The tests were all carried out at the air-conditioned temperature from 28° and all repeated at least 5 times to avoid mistakes.


The idle test was conducted after the covert system for a total of fifteen minutes in which the PC was not used at all.

Be Quiet! Review  Pure Loop 240 FX: marriage between beauty and efficiency

Cinebench R20

One of the synthetic benchmarks more intuitive and popular in the PC landscape. After several measurements this is the result that was obtained.

Be Quiet! Review  Pure Loop 240 FX: marriage between beauty and efficiency


Simulation of full CPU load through the stability test of Prime95 (CPU stress, FPU stress and stress cache enabled and Maximum Heat), below are the results obtained.

Be Quiet! Review  Pure Loop 240 FX: marriage between beauty and efficiency


I also tested the cooler in the gaming field, having performed so well in previous tests. The chosen game could only be Call of Duty: Warzone, a saga that no longer detaches us from the monitor. Below is the result obtained.

Be Quiet! Review  Pure Loop 240 FX: marriage between beauty and efficiency

Conclusions and price | Be Quiet! Review Pure Loop 240 FX

This cooler definitely surprised me in terms of performance e ease of installation. A product that certainly takes a step forward compared to its predecessor also in relation to ARGB lighting which is certainly a pleasure for the eyes. The equipment is also very rich, with a hub PWM-ARGB in box and a bottle of coolant that will keep you safe for several years autonomy. The prezzo it is slightly with a few euros too much but it is nonetheless amply justified from the quality and efficiency of the product. The noise a 2500 rpm obviously it makes itself felt but the quality of the fans is beyond question.

What do you think of this Be Quiet! Pure Loop 240 FX? Let us know with a comment below and keep reading allotek to stay updated on the latest news and more.

Points in favor

  • Quality of materials
  • Ease of installation
  • PWM-ARGB hub included
  • Coolant bottle
  • Excellent performance

Points against

  • Fans a little noisy at full speed
  • Slightly high price
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