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With iOS 16, Apple Pay will also work on Chrome, Edge and Firefox

With iOS 16 Apple Pay will also work on Chrome, Edge and Firefox thumbnail

Thanks to iOS 16 Apple Pay may finally be compatible with Microsoft Edge, Google Chrome e Mozilla Firefox. To reveal it is Steve Moser, a contributor to MacRumors, who noted that the operating system’s beta 4 provides support for Edge and Chrome. And he decided to share it on Twitter, immediately creating a very high expectation among developers and users.

Apple Pay: Edge, Chrome and Firefox support arrives

As you can see above, Moser’s screenshots show an option “Continue with Apple Pay“On the payment page when using Edge. An interesting novelty, given that at the moment the service works exclusively on Safari with iOS 15 and earlier versions – which means that users cannot use any other browser to shop online -. Apparently, in addition to Edge and Chrome, the service will work also on Firefox – as demonstrated by a post shared on Reddit in relation to iOS 16 beta 2 -. In any case, for the moment Apple has not released any comment on it, which means that it is only rumors.

On the other hand, Apple Pay is not yet available in the latest beta version of macOS. But, as Moser notes, this is likely because Chrome, Edge, and Firefox all use Safari’s rendering engine, WebKit, on iOS due to Apple’s required specifications. Third-party browsers are free to use their own engines on macOS, so we may not soon see support for Apple’s service outside of Safari on Macs. Beyond that, it’s clear that the company’s rethinking may be related to EU plans to crack down on anti-competitive Big Tech practices.

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