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be quiet!: the new Dark Rock Pro 5 and Dark Rock Elite announced

be quiet! announced the arrival of the new Dark Rock Pro 5 and Dark Rock Elite coolers. Let’s discover them together in this article

The renowned German PC component manufacturer recently presented its two new additions to the family. These are two air coolers from the series Dark Rock. The former is the direct successor of the Dark Rock Pro 4, while the second represents a completely new product. Both coolers deliver significant improvements in performance, functionality and ease of use compared to the Pro 4. Let’s get to know the new ones better Dark Rock Pro 5 and Dark Rock Elite are quiet!

be quiet!: the new Dark Rock Pro 5 and Dark Rock Elite announced

be quiet! Dark Rock Elite: maximum performance and iconic design

The new model delivers unprecedented performance and extraordinary cooling capacity thanks to cutting-edge fan technology, all combined with an iconic design. It has 7 high performance heat pipesaccompanied by two fans Silent Wings da 135 mm PWMfor maximum air pressure and perfect flow.

These fans can reach i 2,000 rpm in Performance modetaking full advantage of the power of the heatsink, or switch to Quiet modeguaranteeing practically inaudible operation a 1,500 rpm for super quiet and efficient PC builds. Users can Easily switch between the two cooling modes thanks to the integrated speed switch.

It features numerous high-end exclusive features, including a innovative front fan mounting system with height adjustment, allowing a maximum gap of 69mm on the second RAM slot. The maximum gap above the first RAM slot is 63.3mm, ensuring a optimal compatibility with VRMs thanks to the cuts on the edges of the heatsink. The iconic design of the Dark Rock Elite, with ARGB LED on top cover for endless visual effects and the black coating with ceramic particles for ideal heat transfer, make it a real gem in any system.

be quiet!: the new Dark Rock Pro 5 and Dark Rock Elite announced

be quiet! Dark Rock Pro 5: extreme efficiency and refreshing silence

To boost the cooling performance of the award-winning Dark Rock Pro 4, the company has improved this model with 7 high-performance heat pipes and two Silent Wings PWM fans. This resulted in a impressive cooling capacity and practically inaudible operationperfect for highly overclocked systems and demanding workstations.

The 120mm front fan features a funnel-shaped outlet for optimal air distribution and is adjustable in height to fit tall RAM modules. The 135mm central fan is mounted on the top cover. Thanks to the fixed mounting bridge on the heatsink base and the removable top cover, installing this heatsink is easier than ever. Both fans feature advanced fluid dynamic bearings, Regular 6-pole motors e Fan blades optimized for airflow.

This model offers the same integrated speed switch found in the Eliteallowing users to choose between Quiet mode at 1,500 rpm (120 mm front fan) and 1,300 rpm (135 mm center fan) for normal applications, or Performance mode which unleashes the full power of the heatsink, bringing the front fan to 2,000 rpm, while the center fan runs at 1,700 rpm.

Both coolers boast a 3 year manufacturer’s warranty and they will be available at retail starting October 24thwith a recommended retail price of €114.90 for the Elite and €99.90 for the Pro 5. What do you think of these new arrivals at be quiet!? Let us know yours in the comments. To ensure you don’t miss any further news regarding the hardware universe, continue to follow!

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