Creative Live! Audio A3: l’interfaccia audio USB per musicisti e streamer thumbnail

Creative Live! Audio A3: The USB audio interface for musicians and streamers

Creative Technology, a leader in digital audio, today introduced its new USB audio interface: Creative Live!  Audio A3.

It is an innovative device that promises to change the way you experience audio in creative activities, offering professional sound quality and versatile connectivity. The interface is designed to meet the needs of streamers, creators and musicianswho want to record and playback their content with high clarity and sonic fidelity.

Features and price of Creative Live! Audio A3

Thanks to its 24-bit high-resolution recording and playback capability, the Creative Live! Audio A3 ensures flawless audio performance for all types of content, from music to podcasts and voiceovers. Furthermore, l’I/O audio mobile 3.5 mm allows you to easily integrate audio from mobile devices, such as smartphones or tablets.

The interface also features dual headphone inputs, each with individual volume controls, allowing you to customize your listening experience. Finally, it includes balanced stereo outputswhich eliminate electromagnetic interference and offer higher sound quality.

Creative Live Audio A3 back

Creative Live! Audio A3 is available at the price of 149,99€ are

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