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Because Google Bard is not yet available in Italy

When Google he threw Bardits ChatGPT-style AI, was hoped to be usable worldwide, Italia including. This was not the case: Bard is available in 180 countries, excluding Italy and not only: the whole European Union.

Bard not available in Italy, but in 180 countries

There are plenty of places where Google’s Bard artificial intelligence can be used, as shown in the official page dedicated to “Where you can use Bard”. Among these, Italy and the entire European Union are not included.

It reads as follows: “Bard is currently available in 3 different languages ​​and in over 180 countries and territories. We will gradually expand the service to more countries and territories in a manner consistent with local regulations and our principles related to Artificial Intelligence”.

It is therefore hoped that sooner or later Google’s artificial intelligence will arrive in Italy and in the rest of the European Union. But why is it not there? The answer lies in the requests of the European regulatory bodies. Probably, Google needs time to recheck some aspects concerning the functioning of Bard, in order to comply with the European regulations, especially concerning the privacy.

In any case, an official statement from the company is awaited. So far, AI-friendly languages ​​are American English, Japanese and Korean.

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How to use Google’s AI even if it’s not possible in Italy

It is known to all that just change the VPN and set it to one of the countries where Bard is already available, to be able to use artificial intelligence in Italy as well. So what’s so special about Google’s AI? It seems to be very fast in responding, more than its competitors. Furthermore, he is able to explain himself why it was banned by the European Union.

On we read that the absence of Bard in EU countries depends on the non-compliance of the service with the GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation). Another option lies in failing to obtain “additional licenses or certifications” not better specified.

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