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Canon: Introducing the all-new PowerShot V10

Canon unveils its all-new PowerShot V10, its first compact camera designed specifically for vlogging

Canon today introduces the PowerShot V10, a lightweight and intuitive camera designed for those who want to share their adventures with friends and followers. All without having to carry a lot of equipment. With a weight of only 211 grams and a compact and pocket-sized design. The PowerShot V10 offers travel and lifestyle content creators an all-in-one solution that combines high-quality microphones and an integrated stand. This new camera allows you to create captivating content for communities, thanks to perfectly stable 4K UHD video recording and professional-looking background blur. The sturdy vertical body is a breakthrough in Canon design: The device is so portable and unobtrusive that creatives can blend into the crowd while filming. And in order not to miss any moments and spontaneous reactions, the central record button has been designed so that you can easily control the camera with one hand.

Canon: Introducing the all-new PowerShot V10

Details on Canon’s all new PowerShot V10 camera

The PowerShot V10 features a large 1-inch CMOS sensor that delivers excellent 4K video quality. In addition to offering shooting functionality. To add a cinematic effect, creatives can quickly change the mood using one of the 14 included color filters and Smooth Skin mode. The Movie Digital IS mode is ideal for handheld video shooting because it prevents camera shake, resulting in sharper, more detailed footage. In line with the extensive capabilities of various social media platforms, the PowerShot V10 can shoot in both orientations. As well as recording up to an hour of video continuously. Furthermore, the Auto Level function allows you to make videos perfectly leveling the horizon, thus reducing the time required to edit the contents.

High-quality audio to make your message clear

Perfect for outdoor and urban environments, The PowerShot V10 features two large stereo microphones designed for audio commentary and a third microphone for acoustic noise reduction. The Advanced Accessory Kit includes an optional windscreen that can be installed over the integrated microphone filter[6]further improving the audio quality when shooting outside.

Designed to capture all aspects of life

Enclosed in a vertical body and designed with simplicity in mind, The PowerShot V10 can be operated almost completely with one hand. Featuring a 2.0-inch touchscreen LCD that can be rotated forward, perfect for filming yourself or others, the camera lends itself to handheld shooting. Allowing you to easily capture emotions and create a sense of intimacy between the vlogger and his audience. Alternatively, you can use the built-in support to make content like cooking tutorials, hauls or popular formats like “Get Ready With Me”, “Unboxing”, “AMA” or list videos.

Canon’s PowerShot V10: connect with followers, wherever you are

The PowerShot V10 is compatible with the Canon Camera Connect app, so you can easily transfer videos to a smartphone or tablet using Wi-Fi. Managing your video workflow has never been easier thanks to the integration with the platform for temporary cloud storage. From this you can directly transfer the contents to the desired platform. The intuitive design includes HDMI and USB ports for easy transfer to a laptop or PC or use as a webcam. For those who are always on the go, the device can be recharged via USB-C. The live streaming capabilities included in the PowerShot V10 allow you to bring content directly from the camera to the audience. By making live broadcasts with followers via the menu options dedicated to live streaming on YouTube and Facebook.

Accessories suitable for any trip

Canon PowerShot V10 can be purchased in two different bundles. The standard kit, with power cord, soft case, lens cap, windscreen and hand strap, it retails for €489.99. For those who want more creative options, an advanced kit is available. Designed in collaboration with SmallRig, it includes a cage that can be used to attach a ring light or hold an external microphone (retail price €529.99).

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