Before leaving for the holidays, carry out a car check-up

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You are almost ready to go on vacation, first make the check-up autothe guide to you check.

Auto check-up, all the checks to be carried out before leaving for the holidays, source DepositPhotos

Fluids and levels

The quality and the correct oil level they are fundamental. The car manufacturers indicate the service every 30,000 km in the maintenance booklet. But the oil level must be checked at least twice a year. The ideal would be to replace it completely every 12 months (together with the oil filter).

Another control is that of coolant in order to prevent the engine from overheating. Be careful, if it persists it leads to deformation of the head and then to engine failure.


Having tires in good condition and at the right pressure is essential to ensure road holding and consequently driving safety. It is therefore advisable to go to the tire specialist to check the pressure, tread wear and integrity of the tire and, if necessary, replace the tires, in order to be sure that you can drive with complete peace of mind. And don’t forget to have the spare tire checked too, to make sure it’s in good condition and has the correct inflation pressure. – Search for tires by size

Not only that, you can take it with you EasyPump Of Bosch. The practical minicompressore with power up to 10,3 bar.

This tool has a display for real-time measurement and a preset function for convenient and precise inflation.

It is compact and light, weighing 400 grams on the scales and measuring 26 centimeters long. To charge it, just plug it into a USB-C socket and. Finally, it has various adapters to inflate car tyres, bicycle tires or a simple balloon.

Check up Auto, all the checks to be carried out before leaving on vacation, source BoschEasy Pump, fonte Bosch


Check the status before a trip of the brakes. They have to work perfectly, for everyone’s safety. It is best to go to your mechanic, who will also be able to check the brake fluid level and if it needs to be changed.

Auto check-up, all the checks to be carried out before leaving for the holidays, source DepositPhotosAuto check-up, all the checks to be carried out before leaving for the holidays, source DepositPhotos

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Headlights and stop lights

Let’s make sure that headlights and turn signals are not burned out. Above all, we always carry some with us compatible spare bulbs it does not require a large expense and it is also possible to change them easily.

Twindshield wipers

Windshield wipers are essential for driving visibility. This is why their correct maintenance is important and they must be checked before driving. Not everyone knows that windshield wipers need to be changed after a certain period of time. If the elements that make up the brushes are worn out and no longer guarantee correct operation, in this case it is better to change them.

Wear affects every component of the car and also depends on driving style, as well as the size of the car and its age.

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